LED Interior Lighting Delivers Multiple Long Term ROI

LED interior lighting empowers the progressive electrical contractor with the ability to propose new commercial lighting systems, and new commercial lighting upgrades, to businesses seeking multiple long-term returns on their investment.

The luminance and quality of LED indoor lighting now equals that of incandescent and fluorescent lighting. Companies no longer have to choose commercial lighting fixtures based on quality, but only on cost.

It is important, when proposing LED indoor light fixtures to clients on a budget, to clearly communicate the tangible returns they can expect from a front-end purchase that is admittedly higher, but pays off in many ways during the subsequent decade post installation.

This need to clearly see return on investment is quite possibly more important for homes and commercial buildings under remodel than for new constructions. Organizations that are having various systems reworked within their building have a limited budget to apply.

Pinpointing the areas within the building where LED interior lighting can immediately reduce operating costs. This will consequently create return on investment through savings, is a strategy that contractors should follow if they want their proposal to stand out from those of their competitors.

A number of LED retrofit lighting fixtures can be found on residential and commercial lighting websites that can be fitted to lighting arrays that are currently being reworked. Account managers on staff are skilled in photometric designs that can quantifiably forecast returns on a variety of LED lighting fixtures that are specifically engineered for reconstruction projects.

For new constructions, contractors will also find many specialized LED interior lighting fixtures that have been designed to accommodate custom building interiors, eclectic settings, and commercial break room areas. Like all LED lighting equipment, these fixtures are intended to last for over a decade and to operate on less than 20 percent the power as incandescent equivalents have historically required.

LED undercabinet lights for custom kitchens and commercial break rooms, LED track lights for art lighting, and LED bullet lights are just a few examples of what commercial lighting and electrical contractors can find products that will accommodate the growing demand for LEED certification in an increasingly Green public relations arena.

There are also many LED interior lighting fixtures that feature the same housing designs as traditional incandescent lights and office fluorescent lights. Among the most popular are LED recessed lights.

The light output from these fixtures provides clear, comfortable general lighting for offices, conference rooms, hallways, and foyers. There are also fixtures for use in residential home lighting as well. LED lighting enjoys an advantage over fluorescent lighting because it is dimmable.

Contractors looking to promise building owners and homeowners a return on investment through drastically reduced operating costs should also factor in the minimal cost of replacing LED interior light fixtures. With average lamp lives of over 50,000 hours, the need to replace lamps is unlikely to arise any time soon.

Solid state lighting also offers businesses that are seeking LEED certification a tremendous advantage due to the fact that these fixtures not only reduce carbon footprint, but they are also completely non-toxic and offer no threat to the environment whatsoever.

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