Learning City Boys’ Achievement Conference

Learning City Boys' Achievement Conference
Event on 2017-06-06 09:30:00
Bristol is a vibrant city with an international reputation; for many it is a good place to live and do business. There is a thriving arts scene, two successful universities, and a highly educated and skilled workforce. Yet there are many citizens who do not share in the city’s success and there are significant challenges for the city in terms of health, education and employment outcomes. Early intervention has been shown to have a significant impact on long term outcomes for individuals. Bristol already benefits from high quality early years provision, but despite  improving early years outcomes there continues to be significant underachievement in the learning outcomes of some groups of children, particularly boys. Bristol’s gender gap at the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage currently sits at 15% in line with the national average, something that is unacceptable in a Learning City. More worryingly some groups of boys achieve less than the Bristol average, including boys on free school meals, white working class boys and some groups of BME boys. Bristol Learning is committed to creating a city where all citizens benefits from Bristol’s success. Through the Learning City Partnership we aim to raise attainment and employment outcomes for Bristol residents. To support this commitment I am therefore inviting you to attend a Learning City Conference focused on narrowing the gap in boys achievement. The conference will take place at Bristol City Hall on the 6th June, between 10am and 4pm. The conference will provide an opportunity to hear about national best practice, find out about local initiatives and share best practice. Speakers include Professor Chris Pascal, Centre for Research in Early Childhood (CREC) and Professor Leon Tikly, University of Bristol. There will also be an opportunity to hear from secondary, primary schools and early years settings in Bristol that have been participating in an action research project to find solutions to this challenge.  Please note lunch will not be provided.

at City Hall
The Council House College Green Bristol
Bristol, United Kingdom



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