Land Clearing Equipment and Methods for a New Construction

To clear a piece of land means getting rid of those trees, brush and stones in order to make it perfectly suitable for agriculture and construction purposes. The cleared land is fit for farming as well as building operations. For those who are looking for grading and clearing of land for whatsoever purpose, here are the different methods you can consider for a land that is clean and clear of all obstacles.

Chain saw

You can use a chain saw to clear trees from specific areas where you do not want them. This method helps you be selective about the trees you want to remove and those that you do not want to remove. Be careful while cutting the tree with a chain saw and cut only on that side in which direction you want the tree to fall. After that cut from the other side to prevent the saw blade from getting pinched.


Another way to clear the lands of rocks and brush for construction purpose is by grading the earth. Clearing the land for the driveway and the foundation of the house are most important on a building site. This can be done using a skid steer and a back hoe. The skid steer can handle all the movement around trees and the smaller stumps, the back hoe on the other hand can work on the larger stumps and rocks.

Silt fence installation

Don’t forget to install a silt fence around the land you are getting cleared. Government of several countries makes this mandatory in order to control erosion and to prevent the debris from going into the neighbor’s compound. The silt fence allows for drainage through the fence without letting the sediments get washed away.

Stump removal

Removing the cut down trees is also extremely important. You can either cut them down into small logs that can be used later in fireplaces or you can hire a logging company to get them removed from your land. If you are planning to use them in your fire pit then make sure you store them safely at a corner so that they do not intervene in the land clearing procedures in the future.

Before you consider clearing of the land it is important you are familiar with all the pros and cons of the procedure. With the right method, tools and knowledge you can assure that no damage is caused to the soil resources during the land clearing process.

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