KMCA – 10th Annual Public Contracting Small Business Outreach Conference – *Reschelduce New Date to be Announce

KMCA - 10th Annual Public Contracting Small Business Outreach Conference - *Reschelduce New Date to be Announce
Event on 2017-09-22 07:30:00
Note: 10th KMCA Annual Conference to be reschelude  Program line up agenda below will change / final program agenda to be posted ! KMCA - 10th Annual SB/DBE/MBE/WBE/DVBE Contracting & Job Resource Conference  Registration / Check in open (7:30AM) Networking Session  High Speed Rail Construction Jobs Overview (7:45 AM) Conference Opening Welcome by Local Official (9:15 AM) Conference Morning Guest Speaker (9:30 AM) Agencies Vendors Marketplace (10AM - 5PM)  Local, State & Federal Projects Bid Opportunities - Panel Presenter (10 AM - 12 Noon) Department of General Service State Agencies Local Agencies High Speed Rail Transportation  School Bonds  Lunch Program Amended 2 - 5:30PM Jim Beall, Chairman Senate Transportation & Housing Committee (Confirmed) (Complete Speakers Lineup to be announce) Meet the Prime Contractors Session (1:30 PM) Information Workshops (2:30 - 4:30 PM) Construction Sub Contractor Project Readiness  Small Business Teaming Opportunities  SB/DBE/DVBE/MBE/WBE - Resource & Techical Assistance SB/DBE/DVBE/MBE/WBE/SEC-3 Certification Overview  Conference Attendee Networking (4:30 - 5 PM) Click Here More Conference Information Vendor Marketplace Registration Fee Public Agencies & Prime Contractors - 0 General Contractors & Large Materials Suppliers - 0 Small Business & Large Service Providers - 0 Non - Profits & Small Service Providers - 0  Sponsorship Opportunity Levels  Gold - ,000 Silver - ,500 Bronze - ,500  Lunch Table 0  Make all check payable to: Kern Minority Contractors Association Mailing Address: P.O.BOX 2367, Bakersfield, Ca.93303 Office Phone # 661-324-7535 / Email:  Website: Registration & Sponosorship Tax Deductable # 77-0204787 * KMCA Thanks Our Sponsors - Making it possible to attend conference @ No Cost Attendee Must RSVP for Conference Admission Free Ticket  There is fee to attend the lunch program which include meal Bidder you can place your "Good Faith Effort" DBE/DVBE/MBE Trade & Focus Ad KMCA On Line Plan Room / Example Ad link site: Additional sponsors logo to be included Want your company logo listed contact Calia @ 661-631-0922

at Bakersfield Marriott at the Convention Center
801 Truxtun Avenue
Bakersfield, United States



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