Kitchen Remodeling In Virginia With Hard Wood & Granite

Virginia has some pretty houses, particularly the ones that were built in the early 1900’s. If you have the pleasure of owning one of those older Victorian houses then you know the great thing about which I talk. The curves of the design, the crown molding, the rhythm hidden in the design. And of course, the capability for kitchen remodeling in Virginia homes is huge.

The sq footage is sometimes the largest draw, especially in the kitchen. Remodeling in Virginia has exploded and many turn to their kitchens to get the most out of the final remodel. The additional space in older homes makes it straightforward to update the appliance and rearrange the counters and cupboards for a new look. With a refined style and design, extra cupboards with hardwood faces and chopping block hardwood worktops you can streamline the potency of each kitchen remodeling project in Virginia.

One of the commonest changes in kitchen remodeling in Virginia is the counter tops. While cost drove many to use composite and other cheaper materials when remodeling their kitchen, there is a pointed incline in the last 5 years of homeowners changing to natural stonework. Marble has always been popular however granite is making quite a comeback.

Kitchen remodeling in Virginia can get a little pricey when you start factoring in stuff like hard wood and solid stone worktops but when it comes to restoring an old Victorian home, there’s no better choice to bring back classic designs mixed with modern style. Think behind just what you see before you and you can work some true magic in your house.

The dull glaze of wood adds extensive depth to each kitchen. With bright colors high and deeper earth tones, it made a dynamic skyline effect that carries the eyes higher towards more ornamental features, using the wooden countertops as a playing field. These of course compliment other granite countertops very well. While some people favour one or the other, they mingle well, provide function ( copping blocks ) with the class of a tough granite counter.

Granite counters are robust, durable, scratch resistant and they can take a thrashing on a day-to-day basis without losing their luster. This style is perfect for the common kitchen remodeling in Virginia, particularly in heavy traffic kitchens that see a large amount of use.If you often cook, have to clean your kitchen often and work with foods that may easily stain ( don’t we all? ) then granite should be your first choice when you are thinking about kitchen remodeling in Virginia. It is easily one of the best elements for renewing the power of an old Victorian home. Whether you have a little kitchen or a gigantic country home bring on the cousins style kitchen, remodeling in Virginia can always benefit from natural stone.

Paragon Remodeling are a nationally awarded and recognized virginia kitchen company servicing Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. Primarily based out of Vienna, kitchen remodeling virginia style is one of our many core specialities.

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