Kitchen Remodeling – How to Simply Increase Your Cooking Space

For homeowners with a small frustrating kitchen, kitchen remodeling is the solution to increasing the kitchen space in general and increasing the cooking space in particular. Without extensive remodeling of the kitchen, there are many simple ways of increasing cooking space. All it takes is creativity! First, one should not think in terms of barriers. Things like walls, cabinets, tables and other appliances should not hinders one’s creativity of creating cooking space from what little is available. More lighting and the use of brighter paints in the kitchen can completely alter the look and bring about an illusion of more space in the kitchen.

In kitchen remodeling, it is best to create space up and not out. This means there may not be space for walls and cabinets but hooks on walls can be used to hang things like baskets and growing flowers. In kitchen stores, there are magnetic strips that will help stick knives and other metal implements onto the wall instead of putting them in a drawer. This will make the kitchen look more organized and safe. For the already available cabinet, add hooks at the back of the cabinet doors for hanging more knives and even spoons. Other utensils, lids and small pots can be suspended from the cabinet doors instead of being put inside the drawers. This will leave the drawers free for items. Additional rails added to the underside of the cabinet can be used to decoratively display while storing fine pieces of glassware.

Losing the kitchen table is one way of increasing the cooking space in kitchen remodeling. As a concerned homeowner, you really don’t need a huge breakfast table in that small kitchen to enjoy breakfast. As a matter of fact, half of the kitchen space will be used by the chairs and the table alone. To increase the cooking space, you can either construct a small corner table next to the window or build a high wall table with bar stools at the sides. This will increase the cooking space while maintaining a dining place for the family. If the kitchen is really small and you need more space, adjacent rooms can always be adjusted to increase the kitchen’s square footage. Also things like blenders, coffee makers and grills can be stored in the laundry room to give you more space in the kitchen.

Another way to increase the kitchen space is by combining rooms. The kitchen and dining room can be combined in extensive remodeling if there is a wall separating the two. Costs in this can be minimized by leaving a partial wall either horizontally or vertically. In extensive kitchen remodeling, the cooking space in the kitchen can be increased by substituting doors that open up taking much room, with sliding doors or French doors. This replacement with make a huge difference, opening up space that was otherwise unoccupied which can be put to use in other ways.

In the kitchen, refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers make use of quite a lot of kitchen space. So, to increase kitchen space, one needs to buy smaller appliances and most specifically counter-depth appliances. Opening up the rooms adjacent to the kitchen can cost a little more but does not actually increase the square footage of the kitchen. It simply creates an illusion of extra space created after knocking down the walls and opening up the floor plan of the kitchen. As it can be evidently seen, many of these kitchen remodeling improvements can be done cheaply without spending a lot of money, and they can help a great deal to create quite a bit more cooking space.

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