Kids MakerSpace Open Studio

Kids MakerSpace Open Studio
Event on 2017-06-03 12:00:00
Every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm-4pm check out what we are building, making, and creating in our Open Studio hours! NUMUs Open Studio offers visitors of all ages a hands-on opportunity to explore, discover and create. Ages 4+, All children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

NUMU is now offering MakerSpace Birthday Parties on the weekends! Please check our website at for our current weekend schedule.

Activity Descriptions
Nichos Boxes | May 20-21
Nichos are decorative mixed media shadow boxes. We'll be stamping aluminum foil, decorating and gluing to make a cute little shadow box that will turn your favorite things into art! Bring in a favorite object to put inside or create something new at NUMU.

Flying Mobiles | May 27-28
Decorate your yard for spring with a DIY bird wind mobile. We'll be embossing and decorating aluminum foil birds and hanging them so they can fly in a mobile. The shine of them might even keep birds out of your garden!

Moving Sculptures | June 3-4
Make a sculpture you can move! We'll be using wire and tissue paper to create beautiful, moveable, and pose-able sculptures.

Dot Art | June 10-11
We're going dotty this weekend! Join us to learn how to make pointillist style paintings using cotton swabs, watercolors, and imagination.

Sliding Aquariums | June 17-18
Celebrate Father's Day by going an aquarium you made yourself! We'll be designing and decorating fish that slide back and forth in their cardboard aquariums.

* Material Fee for kids | Museum Admission price appiles to adults.
**No new entries to MakerSpace after 3:30pm.
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Museum Admission
FREE for members
Seniors, military and students with valid ID
General Admission is

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