Keeping Up with Hot Tub Upkeep

A hot tub is an investment that requires regular maintenance in order to keep it in working condition and preventing the water from acquiring dirt or bacteria. The water, filter and cover should be cleaned, rotated or replaced periodically to keep harmful substances from polluting the tub and infecting the user. Hot tub spa supplies include sanitizer, pH strips, filters and ozonators.

The hot water and soothing jets that make spas and hot tubs so relaxing also open up the pores and allow bacteria into the system, causing infection. To avoid such possibilities, a hot tub should be emptied of water and cleaned out every two to three months, depending on amount of use. A non-foaming cleaner should be used to scrub out the inside. That is the easiest time to replace the filter as well, but the filter needs to be swapped out frequently, usually every two weeks, depending on the type and brand. This is due mostly to the sheer amount of work the filter does, straining hair, debris and dirt from the tub and keeping the water clear. If the filter isn’t rotated out on a regular basis, the hot tub can become scummy over time.

A sanitizer should be used regularly to maintain sterility and cleanliness. Chlorine works well, but tends to give off a chemical smell reminiscent of public swimming pools. Bromine is the preferred alternative since there is less odor. Bromine can be purchased in floating tablets that disperse the cleanser gradually or in crystals that dissolve in the water. The sanitizers can be used in tandem with ozonators, or ozone generators. These help oxidize things such as sun tan lotion, moisturizers and face creams that tend to be transferred into the water by contact with skin. It also diminishes the need for other sanitizers. With the use of an ozonator, the amount of other sanitizers can be reduced.

The pH balance in a hot tub is important, because water that is overly-acidic will cause rashes and irritations as well as undue wear and tear. Conversely, too much alkalinity can create layers of lime or scale along the walls and floors of the tub. Test strips can be used on a weekly basis to make sure that the balance doesn’t tip too much in one direction or the other. The ideal balance should be maintained between 7.2 and 7.8.

A hot tub can be a source of relaxation and stress relief, but in needs periodic maintenance to stay enjoyable and healthy. Using the right chemicals and sanitizers is of the utmost importance, as are scheduled system flushes and filter rotations.

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