Jetpack for Changemakers: Get Set & Create Purposeful Value

Jetpack for Changemakers: Get Set & Create Purposeful Value
Event on 2017-08-18 09:30:00
Build a strong startup that will have a positive impact Jetpack for Changemakers gives early stage, purpose-driven startups, focused time and space to work on their idea – with personalised coaching from two experienced founders. We help you focus on the right things at the right time to keep you moving, without getting overwhelmed or bogged down in ambiguity. Step 1: Your Purpose. Set The Stage For Success is the first module of the Jetpack for Changemakers program. At the end of this session you'll have the ability to describe your project, it’s value and the support you need to deliver – in 60 seconds. Step 2: Create Purposeful Value is the second module of the Jetpack for Changemakers program. At the end of this session you'll have clarity on your target customers and the problem you're focusing on – with clear steps to test your riskiest assumptions, what to expect in the next step of your journey and how to navigate it. We'll also follow you up with a coaching call to help you stay on track. This session covers both steps 1 & 2 of the 6 steps in the Jetpack program. Each step builds on the previous with key actions and coaching inbetween. What you'll get from the workshop The value you will get from this hands-on workshop is: Focus. Time and space to work on your idea – either on your own or with your team Clarity. Why you're starting up, who you're delivering value to and what the value is Your story. Develop your story and practise telling it, to attract supporters, investors and collaborators Guidance. Work with experienced practitioners who will lead you through a proven process Who is this for? Individuals or teams who are: In the early stages of starting a business that will have a positive impact on the world Have a full-time job or other personal commitments that make it hard to find time and headspace Need help but don’t always know how to quickly tell your story and ask for the right support to make progress Entry criteria Prices are for up to two people from your startup. If you have more than two people in your team, please contact us to discuss You're in the early stages of starting a business that will have a positive impact on the world You want a productive active learning experience You're adaptive and receptive to constructive feedback We don't support startups that promote religion, political parties or social discrimination Places are restricted to 15 startups in each session. We want to ensure that we can provide a high level of hands-on coaching and mentoring in a productive environment Your hosts You’ll be guided by Ben Pecotich and Anthony Quinn of Dynamic4 – a purpose-driven strategic design company and proud B Corp. They’ve founded and advised over 100 startups and social enterprises to have a positive impact for people and our environment. They've drawn on over 40 years of combined experience – sometimes painful – to create Jetpack for Changemakers. Testimonials “Jetpack for Changemakers is the program I wish I knew about when I was starting Cultivate Farms. And it has been absolutely worthwhile even 12 months after the start of our journey.” – Sam Marwood, Managing Director and Founder at Edge Pledge and Cultivate Farms "I've known Anthony for a number of years through his services to supporting early stage startup students of the School for Social Entrepreneurs. Anthony had this real knack of turning the often fuzzy and confusing ideas, into clear pathways. I then collaborated with Anthony on the launch of a new service from within my social enterprise and it was incredibly helpful to explore not only the market solutions but also how to test our ideas out and make a real difference in the world. Thank you Anthony for your partnership!" – Jessie Williams, Executive Director at The Groundswell Project Terms You can reschedule to a future session with 5 full business days notice. There is no refund or reschedule option for cancellations without 5 full business days notice, including no shows. We need a minimum number of attendees to run the session. We'll contact you to reschedule or make other arrangements if the minimum number isn't reached within 5 business days of the event. We record video of some parts of these sessions to provde coaching. All videos are the property of Dynamic4. Your videos will be shared with you but will not be shared with third-parties without your permission. We take photos during the sessions which may be used to promote your project/startup within our network and through our marketing channels. All images are the property of Dynamic4. If you're not comfortable with this, please let us know.

at Cliftons (Sydney)
Level 13, 60 Margaret Street
Sydney, Australia

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