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    • avatar Makaila Steidl 2

      LOVE THIS💖
      ON REPEAT!!!

      • avatar Jesse_scootervlogs 1

        i listen to to these songs every morning and i'm always late to school because i can't turn the songs off

        • avatar maria fernanda mds 1

          Love it

          • avatar Usman Ahsan 2

            I want to see jake on billboard hot 100

            • avatar Darius musicforlife 1

              this is my new favorite song

              • avatar Han Thu 1

                This is THE BEST Song from this album, which doesn't mean rest of the songs are not as good as this song. Just this song is a dope for me for now :)

                • avatar Hight Stile 0

                  I want it on Itunes Apple or Spotify as soon as possible!!!!!

                  • avatar Briana Fischer 1

                    Damn Jake this song hits home

                    • avatar Hannah Dial 1

                      i love this

                      • avatar CzumI 1


                        • avatar Logan Keely 0

                          Bring back some rap 😩😩

                          • avatar Seraphine Moncada 1

                            PLEASE get this on spotify!!!

                            • avatar E Styles 1

                              This is fresh, I think adding a dope rap verse would really make it 🔥🔥🔥🔥

                              • avatar Shawnah Blount 1

                                i am in love with this song!!!!!!!😍😘

                                • avatar Lynnie Tran 2

                                  Spotify please 👏

                                  • avatar I Love You 1

                                    Ever since Avicci changed the game on electronic, after watching street performers like dub fx, bands like rudimental, mackelmore started coming out then jb jumped on it with sorry, now most artists are liking this style, hailee steinfeld etc

                                    I like how music has waves.

                                    • avatar Matt Flanagan 2

                                      I miss old jake but at the same time this shits amazing I'm so happy to call myself a fan the evolution from I'm Alright to Parties is great.