Interior Design | Small Apartment Decorating Ideas

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    • avatar Janine Hill 2

      If you wanted to take down the floor panels that you placed on the wall how would you do it safely? Or were you allowed to keep it on the wall as added decor to the apartment?

      • avatar Ann thomas 1

        How do I get similar kind of furniture and interior items in India…?Any suggestions for shop names or online shopping links?

        • avatar Marie Marie 1

          I RATHER TAKE OUT A MORTGAGE ON A HOUSE THAT I KNOW I'LL LIVE IN FOREVER. Why would you do all that on a rental? Beautiful before and after. A lot of creativity, but what a shame that it's done all on a rental.

          • avatar Manju Jaishi Rana 1

            Hi Rebecca!!! you are so beauty

            • avatar paula H 2

              the apartment is amazing, love it!

              • avatar Briget Young 1

                Love the TV on wheels. How did he do that?

                • avatar Asma Waheed 1

                  Can you please please please tell me where did you get this sectional sofa? It looks so beautiful

                  • avatar Plato Akins 2

                    a patio you never use… ok…

                    • avatar Cilla Latte 1

                      The entertainment center on wheels… did you make that?

                      • avatar 2Bdiscovered 1


                        • avatar Mo Branch 1

                          where do you find an apartment that let's you make those kind of changes???

                          • avatar Joao Rodriguez 2

                            where cam i get one of him hehe

                            • avatar xtaylorxboyx 1

                              What made Greyson choose floor tiles to line up against the wall? Those wood tiles looks cool.

                              • avatar Patricia Anderson 1

                                I'd love to know where to get the tv on wheels thing.

                                • avatar daddyos50 1

                                  atta boy dude, now you're talking! That was like sooooo much better and the way you took out various things and replaced them with things that U made…. show's people that YES U can customize your place ( even if it's an apartment, just as long as you put everything the way it was when you leave… paint and all! ) I'd been doing that for years!!! All it takes is a little paint and elbow grease and voila!!!

                                  • avatar sikantis61 0

                                    I just love the blue wall! It makes the whole room look elegant!

                                    • avatar Frances Eisen Durmiendo 0

                                      Tv on the roll