Interior Decorating Ideas

The coldness of winter has got hold of you and you’re pfaffing around trying to decide what to do with yourself. You’re snowbound and the only thing that you can think to do is sit in front of the fire, drink your steaming hot mug of chocolate and stare broodingly out of the window. The only problem with that is, you’ve already done that and you’ve have had your fill of fires, hot chocolate and brooding.

Now you’re itching to do something different, so, you turn to the only comfort you have and switch on the TV. You’re instantly captivated by one of those numerous shows about how you can jazz up your home. You find yourself flooded with decorating ideas: ideas on both interior decor and exterior decor.

So, you finally find yourself entranced by a program that you would have dismissed earlier and jump out of your chair to fetch a pencil and notebook to note down all those fantastic ideas. In no time at all, you’ve run out of pages in your notebook and have to leave your warm armchair to go fetch another one.

Before you get back to your chair, you’ve made a detour around your house and have seen many of the things that you’ve spent a lifetime trying to avoid – the cracks in the bedroom wall, the faint spot of mildew in the bathroom, the paint chipping off many of the walls.

The list is very long and could easily fill several notepads. Therefore, you sit down, and alongside your notes on various decorating ideas on interior design and general refurbishing, you studiously note down all the little things that need repairing, renewing or refitting.

The list covers more than even your second notebook can hold but you decide to stop there, because it’s giving you writer’s cramp, besides you already have all the relevant facts to hand, so now you set about sorting them out into sections that you can easily carry out.

Not an easy job that, when your decorating ideas, interior designs and room-by-room list of snags is all jumbled up in one horrible pile. You then turn to the tried and tested, ancient method of sitting on the floor and surrounding yourself with your notes in an attempt at finding some logical order you can follow later.

When you eventually reach that sublime state of order, you sit back with a tired but satisfied smile on your face. The knowledge that you’ll now have enough decorating ideas and interior design plans and less time on your hands during those long hard months of winter, sends a rush of contentment running through you. There’s nothing like a job well done and the knowledge that come springtime, your home will look nothing like its shabby former self.

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