In Search of the Best St. Louis Pool Builders

One may not think of St. Louis as a thriving swimming pool market but for those of us who have to endure the hot humid summers with out-of-school kids, having a swimming pool is a blessing. Kids are generally the common denominator of pool buyers everywhere – with grandparents (today’s baby boomers) as well as parents making an investment in quality family time.

If you have decided to take on the task of having a pool built, you need to start your planning early in the year. Having a short swim season means that all your research to find the right St. Louis Pool Builders to bid on your project has to be done no later than early spring. It typically takes six to eight weeks to build an in-ground gunite pool and you should factor in our unpredictable weather, which may add a few weeks or more to construction time.

A big decision and monetary investment warrants a lot of research and a fair amount of time on the internet. Start by researching the builders that are closest to you by googling “Pool Builders St. Louis” to see what builders come up on the first page. As you may know, Google is a great search engine because it does the best job of sending you to the most relevant sites for your search. Excluding the top and right side of the page where the paid ads are, you can assume that these St. Louis pool builders on the first page have earned their way there because of their length of time in business, the relevant content of their websites, and how much interest comes in to their sites from other websites.

Pick at least five of the top ten ranked St. Louis pool builders websites and review them thoroughly. Look at their history, staffing, referrals, testimonials, and most importantly, construction process. You may also want to go on to social review sites to see what past customers have to say about their experiences. You should probably take these types of reviews with a grain of salt as they are typically used as platform for the most disgruntled people to let the whole world know about their negative experience. Also, competitors have used these sites to post bad reviews, although it is getting harder and harder because of stricter monitoring by the sites themselves.

Rather than use the internet as a sole basis for choosing St. Louis pool builders to bid on your swimming pool project, start asking everyone that you know that ever had a pool built about what their experience was like with their pool builder; friends, family, co-workers, neighbors…everyone. Ask people at the gym, your church, and the post office. The more feedback you get, the better your decision will be.

One of the most respected and experienced St. Louis pool builders are Premier Pools & Spas. Owned and operated by brothers Steve and Jeff Melvin, their commitment to excellence has earned them a reputation as a superior local pool builder that puts quality of construction and unparalleled customer service above everything else. Their business model is unlike any other St. Louis pool builders because their designers and sales staff are personal “project managers” and tasked to stay with a job from signing of the contract to plastering of the pool.

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