Image from page 932 of “Seal and salmon fisheries and general resources of Alaska” (1898)

Image from page 932 of "Seal and salmon fisheries and general resources of Alaska" (1898)
Special Education
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Title: Seal and salmon fisheries and general resources of Alaska
Year: 1898 (1890s)
Authors: Jordon, David Starr, 1851-1931 Elliott, Henry Wood, 1846-1930 Maynard, Washburn, 1844- Jackson, Sheldon, 1834-1909 Morris, William Gouverneur, d. 1884 Petroff, Ivan, b. 1842 Townsend, Charles Haskins, 1859-1944 True, Frederick William, 1858-1914 Brice, John J Stejneger, Leonhard, 1851-1943 United States. Dept. of the Treasury. Special Agents Division
Subjects: Bering Sea controversy Sealing Fisheries
Publisher: Washington : Govt. Printing Office
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urs later, shot it, and sent us word. As only four 2-year-old bulls were allotted to our herd when we left theTeller Reindeer Station, and one of these becoming crippled and anotherkilled by fighting, we were afraid many of our cows would have nocalves. But we have been very agreeably surprised. We now have 69fawns, having lost only 6 by cold and accident. During the calvingseason in April and May we kept the herd in a sheltered place at themouth of Sooh ung-wok Eiver, about 25 miles from here. Last August and September we kept a cow tethered near our houseand milked her daily for our own use. Very respectfully, W. T. Lopp. Dr. Sheldon Jackson, United States General Agent of Education in Alaska. p. s.—Since the date of the above report we have lost 2 cows and 1fawn, which leaves 171 deer in our herd. One of the cows died frominternal injuries received in calving, and the other was probably crip-pled by our Siberian, so that it had to be killed. The fawn died fromintestinal troubles.

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W. T. Lopp, Superintendent of Teller Reindeer Station, 1893-94 APPENDIX D. LETTERS OF J. C. WIDSTEAI) TO DR. SHELDON JACKSON, Teller Keindeer Station, August 28, 1895. Sir: Mr. Hamilton has by this time made yon famihar with thechange that has taken place at our station. The schoolhouse is completed, or nearly so, and I think you would,could you see it, find it very cozy. We intended to put in six windows,but as we had not so many, and none came with the supplies this year,only four had to do. We have also, with the lumber that came, put up an addition to thestation 48 by 17 feet westward and 40 by 24 feet northward, with roomfor an assistant, one separate room for natives trading, three rooms forherders with family, and one 16 by IG feet for the boys; besides, wehave in the same building boxes for fish, seal meat, and seal oil, witha hallway leading all through the building to keep outsiders out.Upstairs we intend to partition off separate rooms for fur and clothingif lumber holds ou

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