If It’s Roofing, It’s Got To Be Metal!

If you are considering putting up a new roof over your house or replacing an old one, you must analyze the different roofing materials available to you. You can always consider the traditional roofing materials but you now have the additional advantage of selecting from modern roofing materials like metal roofing. Metal roofing is steadily gaining popularity because of its durability and also because it is easy to install.

Traditionally, metal roofing almost always meant using tin roofing sheets which had no durability worth mentioning. That situation has changed dramatically. The modern metal roofing materials are high in durability, very strong, light in weight, conveniently installed, with the added advantage of being fire proof.

Metal roofing is very strong. It can withstand hurricane force winds. Heavy snowfall or hail storms will not put a dent into it. It is able to reflect a high percentage of the sun’s heat that falls on it, making it keep cooler in summer.

Insurance companies give generous discounts when you use metal roofing. This increases the market value of your house. When you go to sell it you’ll be able to extract a handsome premium for the metal roofing.

Your construction cost drops considerably when you roof with metal. You don’t need a very strong supporting structure to hold the roof up if it is made of metal. Even if you are re-roofing your house you save a tidy sum because you don’t have to take down the existing roof. Just lay the fresh metal roofing material over the existing roof! It will hardly add to the load. I’d like to point out that the savings are in terms of money and in time.

Installing a metal roof is very simple and straightforward. Metal roofing comes in the form of large-sized sheets. Use a hoist to get the sheets up to the roof level. Position them correctly. Fix them with metal screws or rivets, or bolt them down. Your biggest saving is in time and labor costs. There is just one small problem. How will you raise a single sheet to the roof if you ever need to replace a sheet? When you’re dealing with a large number of sheets, getting a hoist or crane is economical. But for one sheet! You may also face a problem in matching the sheets if you have to replace old sheets or add new sheets.

Though its popularity is rising, metal roofing has an inherent negative quality – its high price! If its high price is bothering you, you can scout around for bargain sales. Then again the huge savings you stand to make when using metal roofing is able to counterbalance the high price.

Metal roofing is still playing ‘catch up’ with the traditional roofing stalwarts like asphalt shingles. But the many advantages and cost benefits of metal roofing is whittling down the difference, the biggest advantage being its durability.

If you are replacing an old roof or just building a new one, the proper roofing material is essential to do the job well. Visit to read more about what you’ll need, and learn about other choices to put on your roof. You’ll discover why asphalt roofing shingles remain the most popular choice.

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