Hurricane Sandy and Brick: What You Should Know

The damage and devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy to the New York Metropolitan Area was unprecedented in modern times. Island Block & Masonry Supply has heard so many unfortunate firsthand accounts from homeowners in New York whose homes were either severely damaged or destroyed by this vicious superstorm.

The contrast of stories we have heard, especially from homeowners who have utilized concrete and masonry more so than others, is quite dramatic.

In many cases, homes that sustained little or no damage were those where the homeowner opted for the resilience of using concrete and brick versus vinyl siding. When you take into consideration that homeowners are spending a lot of money now to repair homes that sustained damage, it becomes clear that the costs of concrete and brick, over the long term, are more than justified.

According to the professionals at Island Block & Masonry in Wyandanch, Long Island, there is sometimes a misconception among some homeowners that using concrete and brick on a home is somehow boring and bland. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

Actually, today's selections of concrete and brick are colorful, creative and very original in their patterns and designs. There are so many different types, also. For example, Island Block & Masonry has over ten acres of inventory, with just about every type of concrete and brick you can imagine. They also distribute state-of-the-art man-made materials that are resilient, durable, colorful and an aesthetic delight for any home. Many of these man-made materials are also easy to install, with a minimum of hassle or waste.

Island Block & Masonry Supply are top suppliers of Nicolock, Cambridge, Belgard, Owens Corning Culture Stone, Natural Stone Veneers, Glen-GeryBrick, Belden Brick, Old Virginia and many more. One of their primary advantages is a preferred relationship with top manufacturers, and a relationship that leverages the distribution supply chain to get materials faster to the homeowner.

All of this expertise and buying power combined with a family owned business that has a 65 year history in the industry.

Surprising Choices

Some of these products surprise the homeowner once they look into it. For example, picking, mixing and matching colors has been simplified through use of the Uvision ultra realistic color samples available from Unilock. Island Block's 100-page Unilock catalog is chock full of ideas using this innovative and versatile product line.

Island Block & Masonry works to educate the consumer on the versatility of concrete and brick every day. They can demonstrate how the total cost of ownership with concrete and brick are surprisingly low.

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