HSBC Foyer HDR [Explored]

HSBC Foyer HDR [Explored]
Heating Conditioning
Apr 2nd 2009 - Reposted for personal reasons. Will send it back to where it belongs in a few days.

Oct 6th 2009 - Take two. Although I find that this version trumps the newer one I took.
Feb 23rd 2009 - I went to Wing Shing today to pick up a 10-22mm lens and immediately was wowed by the results. No wonder Artie uses a Sigma 10-20. It's like auto-win, you can never take bad photo ever again.

Standard 3 exposure shot: -2,0,+2 handheld with Canon 10-22mm. Processed in Photomatix, masked ghosted pedestrians and light halos, increased contrast, unsharp mask on the background and finally processed in Noiseware.

On another note: 10-22 is the date of my birthday.

Architect: Lord Norman Foster

From WIkipedia: "The main characteristic of HSBC Hong Kong headquarters is its absence of internal supporting structure.

Another notable feature is that natural sunlight is the major source of lighting inside the building. There is a bank of giant mirrors at the top of the atrium, which can reflect natural sunlight into the atrium and hence down into the plaza. Through the use of natural sunlight, this design helps to conserve energy. Additionally, sun shades are provided on the external facades to block direct sunlight going into the building and to reduce heat gain. Instead of fresh water, sea water is used as coolant for the air-conditioning system."

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