How To Remodel Your Current Kitchen Cabinets

These days most people are remodeling their homes instead of selling. You get the kitchen of your dreams this way. One way of changing your kitchen is doing something with the cabinets you have in your kitchen. I am going to teach you how to make old kitchen cabinets beautiful. You will be amazed at what a little paint can do for your cabinets.

This project is considered a do it yourself project. If you can paint, then this project will be successful. You will be painting your cabinets to update them. You will need to take the hinges, cabinet knobs and the doors off. It is best to take them outside and lay them on paper or plastic so that you may paint them. As you are taking the cabinet doors off the frames, please number each door so that you can put it back where it belongs when the painting is completed.

You will need to lie the cabinet doors down on the ground to paint them. Make sure you put something down on the ground so that cabinets are not directly on the grass. Sanding the cabinets and frames is most important, as it enables the paint to stick securely to the surface of the cabinet. Plus you will have a smoother surface for the paint to glide on as it is applied.

The next thing you need to do is purchase the primer and the paint color of your choice. The surfaces have been sanded and it is now ready for a coat of white primer. You only need to use one coat of white primer before the paint color is painted on the surface. The primer is used to block the dark stains that are on the surfaces of what you are going to paint. Priming the cabinets also makes for a fantastic looking finished product.

Just before you prime your cabinet doors and frames, take a old tee shirt or rag and just wipe down all the surfaces that you are going to paint. This way there is not dirt or dust and you have a clean surface to paint. You may use a mini roller or a paint brush for the cabinet doors. Choose the painting tool that you feel most comfortable using. One tip I have is that if you use the roller, it leaves no brush strokes, and it just looks a lot better than brush painted cabinets.

Now that all the surfaces are sanding and cleaned it is time for the cabinets to receive the primer coat. Paint all the cabinets with the primer and give it time to dry, at least three or four hours. The next step is painting the color of your choice on the cabinets. It will take two complete coats of paint. Make sure the paint dries completely between coats. You can do small touch up painting after the paint had dried if it is necessary.

The last thing on the list is painting or replacing the hinges on the cabinet doors. If you want to save money I suggest spray painting the hinges and the cabinet door knobs. The hinges and the knobs will take two coats of paint like the cabinet doors did. If you decide to replace the hinges, they are fairly inexpensive. The door knobs can be very expensive.

Now I have given you step by step instructions on how to reface your cabinet doors for very little money. If you are doing the project yourself, you are saving the money on labor to have someone else do the work for you. When you are finished painting your cabinets, your entire kitchen will look brand new. It is amazing what a little bit of paint can do for a kitchen.

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