How to Pour a Beginners Concrete Slab Walkway – DIY



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    • avatar Imagined Self 1

      looks like you all do nice work! good craftsmanship. :)

      • avatar wealthy king 1

        what is the going price for a job like this in your area? i'm new to this work and trying to get my head around reasonable and customary for concrete patios/sidewalk work.

        • avatar Marcas Webb 2

          I wonder what a job like that cost

          • avatar Jaime Davila 1

            why she make you left that little piece with out concrete ??? (by the garage door) she is using the flower pot o ready

            • avatar tex3902 1

              Thanks for the video and explaining what you did. But what is the purpose of using the push broom. Also you mention you didn't need to use rebar. So when should rebar be used? Again thank you

              • avatar neckarsulme 0

                Great job!

                • avatar jose deleon 1

                  Nice work what's a job like this run roughly

                  • avatar Mac McDonald's 1

                    6 guys 30 yards of concret 5 guys and wheelbarrows lol not fun at all

                    • avatar Magic Mike 2

                      hahahahahahaha bender concrete.
                      Bender means maricon

                      • avatar James Davis 0

                        I find the title misleading… I could not pour something like that from watching this vid. Same with the others. I’ve found that flat work is best left to the professionals. Otherwise you could end up with mistakes literally set in stone. I mean this with high praise. Beautiful work like this takes time to learn. I think you even mentioned that about some of your crew. For me, I’d call you in. I wish you worked in the inland empire. We could use skills like this! Thank you for posting.

                        • avatar Noel Mont 1

                          how deep is that slice between the squares? Are they just for show or do they help with something?

                          • avatar PJ Dexter 2

                            Great job guys! Would love to get into this kind of work.

                            • avatar geardriven 2

                              Nice work and all in one day! How long did the 'crete set before you stripped the forms?

                              • avatar john smith 1

                                It seemed like your guys kept going over and over smoothing out the concrete, it’s interesting how much work goes into these projects. When I was doing commercial work I would watch mostly migrant crews do cement work and they used big wax buffer type machines to smooth it out and then bull floats. I usually saw caged wire & AB put in. All I need is rock and fiber. Why did the customer leave a patch of grass? Seems kinda ridiculous.

                                • avatar Thomas Heaven 1

                                  What are the tools which are used for smoothing and cutting the slab surface?

                                  • avatar Jorge Martinez 1

                                    Paying a lot of people for this gig

                                    • avatar Steve Abbott 2

                                      Was he clipping his nails?

                                      • avatar Dan Abraham 1

                                        why is there sometimes a gravel bed put down before concrete is poured?

                                        • avatar mirwais70 1

                                          So the steps are:
                                          1: Prep the grounds – get rid of extra debris, install the form -using your plans
                                          2: Pour some sort of aggregate and use a vibrating plate to pack the aggregate
                                          3: Put down some sort of heavy 5 mil or higher plastic (if for car port or garages)
                                          4: Put some sort of mesh or metal sticks which is always a great idea for strengthening the concrete stone thingie when done (specially for garages)
                                          5: Draw your chalk lines to make sure you screed your pour level
                                          6: Work rapidly and smooth the surface – by those wooden spatulas
                                          7: Is this when you use more cement to dry up the "milk" more spatula work
                                          8: Add color hardner and spatula work
                                          9: By now 2 or more hours has passed – you can remove to forms and spatula work the sides to get rid of air pockets because you forgot to vibrate the sides
                                          10: more spatula work and smoothing ..lines, edges, etc…
                                          Why should this ten step process take ONE YEAR David?

                                          • avatar Lisa Contreras 1

                                            Great Job!!