How to Organize a Small Garage

Turning a garage into an efficient, organized part of your home can be a daunting task. Organizing your garage may sometimes feel impossible. However, there are ways to work around your cozy confines, and turn your cluttered garage into the kind of room you want it to be. The key, when organizing your garage, is to make use of all available space. This may mean making space in your budget for a few organizational tools, but the results should be well worth it. By considering these tips, you should be on your to a cleaner garage.

There are a few areas in the garage that are not often used for storage. It is extremely important to locate these areas because maximizing your storage space is important if you want to achieve an organized garage. For example, the ceiling, and the space above door are a few of these under used areas. You can also purchase a rack, which attaches to door's rails. With shelving that uses the empty area near the ceiling, one can easily store gardening tools, sporting equipment, skis, fishing rods, large boxes and other such items. The garage is a useful place to store seasonal items that are easy to retrieve when they are needed.

While your gardening tools are taking up space along the walls, your snow shovels, sleds and other wintry devices can be kept out of the way above the door. Ceiling storage racks are also available. One of the best uses for this space is for storing fishing rods. Simple rod racks can be attached high up along the wall, and your rods can be kept out of harms way along the uppermost parts of your garage. Accompany this rack with a couple of shelves, and you can keep all of your tackle right there next to the rods. This same practice can be used for golf clubs, or other related equipment on shelves. You can even store baseball bats, gloves and other sports gear on these shelves.

The uppermost regions of a garage are often underused, and while a stepladder may be necessary to reach those items, it is worth the extra effort. With a small garage, using the ceiling for storage can be a powerful solution.

The walls in your garage are another space which is often wasted. A well-used wall can help keep your garage organized very well. Peg boards help keep your walls organized because they are capable of holding additional items. A peg board allows you to easily hang a wide variety of items. Many shovels, tools, rakes and other items come with holes at the ends in order to make it easier to hang them on these pegs. Hanging a net from the pegs can solve the problems of various balls, Frisbees and other assorted items that are not easily stored anywhere else. Furthermore, adding shelving to peg boards is a breeze. Shelves can store any other item that does not dangle from the pegs, and it keeps the floor space clear.

Another way to make your walls useful is to add compartments to them. Stacking wooden boxes along a wall can provide you with an easy shelving solution, and the boxes can be stored along the walls. Compartments of this sort are sold with doors, small shelves within the box, many other varieties. By stacking items at various heights, you can adjust for different items that hang on the wall, and it can make your wall space that much more efficient.

At this point, if your garage is still not organized, it may be time to put some serious thought into throwing away unnecessary items. If you cannot find a practical way to store these unnecessary items, there are solutions to consider. One of the most trying elements of garage maintenance is dealing with the storage of garbage and recycling containers. These items can take up a great deal of space, and make for tricky maneuvering when they have to be moved. Buying a caddy for garbage can alleviate this problem greatly. If space is too much of an issue, try putting the garbage cans underneath a table that can double as a workbench or a shelf. In all, even the most challenging problems can be solved.

Getting a small garage organized can be quite an ordeal. However, with a good system, you can alleviate your space related woes, and make your garage a space that is used effectively. In order to achieve this level of success, you need to properly use all areas of your garage. These include the ceiling, along the walls, and the corners. Efficient use of these area, can lead to an organized garage. When organizing your garage, there are many important storage solutions to consider and they all help you achieve the organization that you want.

Nick Kakolowski is a freelance writer who writes about organization of the home, often discussing specific helpful products such as garage organizers.


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