How To Inspect Home Inspections

If you are considering home inspection as a profession, lets take a look at what it takes to become a home inspector and the duties and tasks you will perform as a home inspection professional.

Typically, a home inspection professional spends the day inspecting residential property for buyers, writing home reports, speaking with potential home inspection clients and marketing their services to real estate agents and brokers as well as consumers.

A standard property inspection starts when a real estate agent or individual client calls to book a home inspection. It often happens that the person calling is a potential buyer who has committed to buying the home if it passes the home inspection. At the time of booking, the price is set, usually 250-500. The home inspector or firm representative will then submit the contract to the client, typically by fax or email. This home inspection contract will spell out the details of the home inspection, and the scope of what it will cover. An honourable property inspection professional will adhere to standards spelled out by the American Society of Home Inspectors ASHI. Most home inspectors will invite their client to be at the inspection.

If the home inspection contract has not been signed, it will be at the home inspection. The inspector will first explain what she or he is about to do and then will start the inspection. While there can be wide variations depending on infractions and home size, a typical home inspection will take two or three hours. The inspector will study the roof, the exterior of the building or buildings including a garage, whether attached or not. As the inspector proceeds he or she will explain the process to the client. The client will learn of the buildings condition and of any improvements the inspector would recommend.

The next part of the home inspection would be the interior including any crawlspace and basement, the standard living space and any attic or roof space that is accessible from the interior. It is common for an inspector to offer tips that help the efficient maintenance and operation of the home. This might be, for example, where the power and water can be turned off should there be an emergency and the means and timing for changing furnace filters.

Once the home inspection is completed, the inspector reviews the findings with the client. Some home inspectors will prepare the written report right then and there and give it to the client, while others take short notes and prepare the formal report later. In either case it is quite common for the inspection to be in the hands of the client within 24 hours, as the home sale is often hanging in the balance.

Most inspectors perform two or three home inspections every day. They are charged with keeping their own copy of each report in their own files.

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