How To Get House Construction Cost Estimates?

Estimating the cost of constructing a house helps plan for the features you want without even shaking your basic budget. House construction cost estimates differ with the individual contractor mark-up, labor costs and geographic location. Costs may vary with shortage of material, such as wood for framing trusses. The selected features decide your final building costs. Here are some items and steps you will need in calculating home construction costs:
* Home blueprints
* Building list of materials
Calculation of Square Footage
Calculate the living space area using your building blueprints. Add the loft or porches only when used as four-season rooms. Don’t include the footage for the patios or garage areas.
Evaluate the Construction Quality of Home
An evaluation of construction quality and finishing class for your home is necessary. The top-quality construction employs shake, tile, exterior masonry, architectural-grade shingles, irregular walls and decorative openings. The medium class uses block foundation, architectural asphalt shingle roofing and some wall-height changes. Standard construction features concrete slab, basic asphalt roof shingles, square interior and exterior walls.
Determine the Grade of Bathroom Finishing
With the help of your building materials, estimate the grade of your bathroom finishing and construction. High-quality construction has more plumbing fixtures, electricity and wiring features for many light fixtures in the home.
Review the Basic Features
Review the basic features of your home to evaluate the construction class. A house with specialized heating and cooling features, including solar or geothermal systems, and masonry fireplaces qualify as superior quality construction.
Determine the Features of Kitchen
Evaluate your kitchen features with the help of your building materials list. Any fine quality construction uses high-end appliances featuring built-in ovens, custom cabinets, and finishes using granite or tiles. Lower quality kitchens have contractor-grade cabinets and low grade laminate.
Review Rankings of All Kind of Constructions
Review the rankings of high, mid or low construction categorized in steps 2 through 6, and multiply the total square footage by the construction quality that you’ve chosen for the most of the categories. For instance, homes built with the majority of the features mentioned in high quality construction use more money than mid-grade construction and standard construction as a multiplier. Multiply the cost by the number of square feet from your blueprint calculations to estimate your building costs.
Test Your Cost Estimate
Test your cost estimate with neighboring new construction. Minus the average cost of land from the cost of the comparison home, approx 20 percent, and then divide the cost of the new home by the square footage. Compare your calculations with the new and similar neighborhood construction to provide an average construction cost-per-square-foot figure. helps in connecting homeowners with the experienced professionals in their area. This is a resourceful site providing homeowners with house construction cost estimates on wide array of projects and uncomplicated tools for pros in construction industry.

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