How to detect and eliminate different species of pests?

Whether you are living in India or any other country, most homes have something in common which is wood. The wood is the main source of cellulose and this is the key food for termites, thus these pests can ruin the strength and quality of wood products and ultimately damage homes. Termites, also has given another name “silent destroyers,” as they cause heavy damages to property each year by soundlessly chewing wooden structure, walls, floors etc. Termites often find their hidden ways to enter our properties, and eat cellulose as much as possible. To feed other termites they then go back to their termite colonies.
New construction pest control is best way to prevent your home or buildings from termite attack. During construction of the building or home, professional pest control service providers use the best methods to control pests. There are different types of termites but the most destructive type is subterranean termite. These tiny wood eaters consume wood from the inside out and destroy the look and strength of it. It’s not easy to detect them as they exist inside the wood. Here are a few simple ways you can become aware of them.
Subterranean termites have different species. Some species can reside inside a wooden structure with the help of their own feces as a dampening agent for their nests, but other species do not. They exist in soil near the foundation walls of the buildings and develop hollow mud tubes on those walls.
Three-step procedure to control termites
Termite control procedure is an inclusive termite elimination and control plan offered by many professional and certified pest control companies which also give lifetime warranties. Their comprehensive termite elimination process includes-
1) A thorough inspection: An expert and specialized pest control services provider will do a systematic assessment of your home (both the interior and exterior) to detect any existing signs of a termite invasion or termite damage.
2) Termite treatment with termiticides: There are many termiticides available in the market which can effectively eliminate termites through both contact and ingestion. These are highly fetal to termites. As termiticides are unnoticeable to termites, the pests unknowingly consume and transfer it throughout the population.
3) Annual termite inspection: To ensure the termiticides used during the termite treatment will continue to protect your property from termites for many years to come, your pest control representative will visit once in every year. They will ensure that there has been no soil disruption and your property is free from termites.

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