How To Design A Feng Shui Bedroom

If you wonder how to create a positive feng shui bedroom, one needs to be able to realize and know how to trigger the ways that nourish the flow of sensual harmonious energy. A good feng shui bedroom is recognized by the character of sensations and emotions it generates: it has to be luring and exciting while still offering a feeling of calmness and security. One has to feel comfortable in a feng shui bedroom, regardless whether we are talking about an afternoon nap, a great night sleep or an incredible act of passionate love. To design a great feng shui bedroom, this is the rules you need to succeed.

TVs, computers etc:

One of the most important rules you need to follow is keep the bedroom free from computers and TVs. The reason for that is that it will hurt the bedroom harmony seriously. This kind of device makes it hard to create a feng shui bedroom, because it destroying the balance of chi. The next elements that we have protect in bedroom is the atmosphere that has be of high quality: You can do this easily by open the windows or use an adequate room purifier that makes the atmosphere nice to breathe in. It is very important that you keep bedroom free from chemicals, pollutants and artificial scents because it will ruin feng shui bedroom.


Plants are not adequate for the design of a feng shui bedroom unless the room is large enough to allow it. Plus, the plants have to be placed at a fairly large length from the bed so that your energetic fields are not interconnected or disturbed.


Light is the next issue to address for the creation of a feng shui bedroom, and here you’ll find the use of a dimmer an absolute must for the success of your attempt.


To increase the feng shui atmosphere, a popular choice many people are using is candles, but many people make the error of buying low quality products that contain a high level of toxins. Only beeswax or soybean wax are acceptable and solely in combination with natural essential oils.

Bedroom colours:

Last but not least, the colour choice for the wall painting is vital when trying to create a good feng shui bedroom. Restorative sleep depends on the generation of a positive energy flow that results from a balanced environment. Consequently, skin colours from ping and blench white to chocolate brownish and yellowish hues make the top choices for the ornament of the bedroom. Naturally, you should start the decoration from the wall painting and only then choose the furniture and the rest of the decor pieces.

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