How to create construction drawings in Revit

Importance of Construction Drawings

It is nearly impossible to start any construction work whether it is renovation of already existing house or a building or any new construction without construction drawings. Thus construction drawing sets are the key to start up with any type of construction process. Before few years construction drawing sets were very well drafted or prepared in autocad which are considered to be tradition 2D drawings nowadays. Nowadays construction drawings are created in 3D models using software like revit which further have many benefits when compared with 2D autocad drafted construction drawings.

In revit 3D models are created by technical experienced revit modelers using inputs provided by the client. One of the most important advantages of using revit for construction drawing is that it provides us with high quality of construction documentation which is not provided by 2D drafting in autocad. This construction documentation created while carrying out construction drawings are needed at each and every part during actual construction process at sites. Thus to save time as well as cost along with maintaining the quality of drawings and documentations many architectural and structural firms hav been switched over to revit from 2D drafting done in autocad. Revit provides high level of detailed construction reports which makes project error free.

Creation Construction drawing sets, construction documentation and 3D models

Construction drawings earlier were preferred to be created in autocad. Still most of the firms utilize autocad drafting for creation of construction drawings. But the disadvantage using autocad is that it does not provide construction documents which are easily extracted using revit. Thus one can create construction 2D drawings easily and further can convert theses drawings into 3D models by importing 2D drawings drafted in autocad into revit.

After creating 3D models one can easily extract high level of construction documentation from revit. Such construction documents can be called as advanced electronic reports or e-reports which are very much essential at the time of construction.

Nowadays most of engineering firms prefer revit for 2D drawings as well as for 3D models. Revit contains library from which each and every components are easily available or else if not then we can also create components of our own and can add it into library.

Major type of construction drawings include elevation views, side views, side views, sectional views and plan views. Thus construction drawings and models can be created by two ways first is by drawing 2D drawings in autocad and then importing such 2D drawings in revit for creating 3D models. The other way is to carry out both 2D drawing drafting as well as 3D models creation in revit itself.

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