How to Complete a Construction Project

For those in the construction industry, there is a new website that is the place to turn to generate business and network with other contractors. For people who are looking to begin or complete a construction project, This new portal is the place to look for construction professionals who can help them realize their goal.

The first stage of construction project that will result in a house is planning. This is the purview of architects, engineers and consultants. Home builders will find them under the Planning & Design section on the website. They might also want to hire a company that works on green design. They’ll be found under All Green Building Resources & Supplies. After the construction project has been approved, the next step is building the foundation on which the house will rest. Now, even more people will get involved in the construction project. These include masonry contractors. The construction project continues with the framing being installed. Framers can be found under Construction Site Professionals. Roofers, also found under Construction Site Professionals, will then install the roof, and siders will put siding on the house.

The construction project continues when electricians and plumbers wire the home for electricity and set up the plumbing system. By the way, at nearly every phase of the construction an inspector will inspect the work and make sure that it’s compliant with local codes. If it’s not, the construction won’t be able to continue unless the problem is fixed. Inspectors and auditors are also registered on, under Planning & Design. An inspector will pay special attention to the plumbing and electricity, as the codes for these two areas of a construction project tend to be stringent. Bathtubs and shower stalls will also be installed at this point, for once the house is nearly finished they’ll be too large to maneuver into the interior.

After this, the HVAC system is installed, and the studs and joists in the walls and floors are infilled with insulation. The walls are then covered with dry wall. Flooring subcontractors also add underlayment and subflooring, and painters paint the house. The electrical system is finished and carpenters install cabinets and vanities in the bathrooms and the kitchen. The plumbing is also finished and the carpet, stone, polished concrete or hardwood is laid on the floor. The house is then hooked up to the water system and the plumbing is finished.

All of the professionals that are needed to work on a construction project, be it a house or an office building, can be found at construction portal’s directory.

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