How To Combine Feng Shui Elements Correctly To Ensure Positive Feng Shui

Earth, water, fire, metal and wood: the five essential feng shui elements are the factors that influence the very philosophy of this art of living in harmony with the environment and with ourselves.

Each of the feng shui elements has a corresponding color and their incorrect or imbalanced combination will lead to what is know as “bad feng shui”, equaling disharmony, misfortune and an unfulfilled life.

What exactly is the role played by the feng shui elements? Well, it seems that they share the function of chi balancing in a certain space.

Therefore, in order to achieve a correct implementation of the positive chi flow, one needs to be receptive and open to the rule of the five elements.

Here are the main meanings associated with the feng shui elements. Water stands for communication, wealth and various career opportunities if it is used in the context of a fountain; but if instead there is a running sink or toilet, this could very well signal a loss of money and even a poor health state, by the waste-associated symbolism.

Then, wood is responsible for the creativity one enjoys, as it acts as a stimulant of passion, inspiration and high motivation.

Nevertheless, such feng shui elements are far from overwhelming; keep in mind the fact that they are either balancing or ruining the chi.

The life force is more easily transmitted or transferred over a certain area by means of metal elements.

Introducing metal in combination with the other feng shui elements means causing an enhancement of the chi.

Adding too much metal on the other hand could be harmful in terms of positive outcome for the location; too much energy could be destructive, use it carefully!

The home or office stability and solidity are brought by the earth element and complemented by the passion specific to fire.

This only indicates the fact that taken separately, each of the five feng shui elements has its specificity, but they need to be matched as a whole.

One can determine whether the chi cycle is unbalanced in the home, and thus realize that the feng shui elements are not in accordance, by paying attention to the feelings he or she has in that particular place.

Thus, if you feel ill at ease, dissatisfied, nervous, depressed or dominated by other negative emotions like envy, jealousy, fear or emptiness, your home is definitely suffering from a chi imbalance.

If the feng shui elements are harmoniously combined, then, you will feel fulfilled and in high spirits about the place.

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