How to Choose a Metal Roofing Contractor

A metal roof is something that remains a part of your house for a long time. It is a sort of semi-permanent fixture that you cannot change frequently. You must therefore choose the right metal roofing contractor when you decide to install a metal roof. It is extremely important to find a qualified and reputable contractor because it is not the material but the contractor who will make the roofing job right or wrong. The right contractor is a key factor in your roofing job, especially when it involves steep slopes combined with heavy lifting that makes it potentially dangerous. If the roofing job involves sheet metal roofing, make sure that you select a contractor with at least three years experience in metal roofing installation.

Roofing work puts your home and many people at risk, therefore do not forget to check if the roofing contractor you award the work to, is suitably insured. The contractor should have a Certificate of Insurance with your name as the Certificate Holder. If the contractor does not have Worker’s Compensation Insurance and general liability coverage i.e. Property and Casualty Insurance, you may stand liable for any damage that he may cause or injuries sustained by him or by his employees.

Your metal roofing contractor must be able to provide you with a roofing contractor’s warranty for workmanship and materials for at least one or two year duration. This will bind him to repair any leaks etc due to faulty workmanship or for failure of the roof due to sub-standard material for the period of the warranty, which is the critical period during which most roofing problems will show up. If a problem crops up during this period, you can immediately ask the contractor to repair it. If he does not give a proper response, you can send a certified return-receipt letter with a specific time mentioned within which you expect the repairs to be taken care of.

One way to get hold of a reliable contractor is to ask family, friends or neighbors who have had metal roofs installed in their homes. This may not be easy because metal roofs are fairly uncommon and there may not be many people around who have had one installed. Another way is to seek a reference from architects who have designed houses that incorporate metal roofing.

Yet another way to find a metal roofing contractor is by logging onto the website of the Metal Roofing Alliance. This company lists metal roofing manufacturers, material suppliers, paint companies etc as members and is a good resource for information and details on everything related to metal roofing including locating experienced and qualified metal roofing contractors. You can also surf the net to find pre-screened metal roofing contractors.

The National Association of Roofing Contractors (NRCA) is also an excellent resource to locate a reliable metal roofing contractor. The NRCA is over a century old and has a page on its website to help locate a good roofing contractor including one to install a metal roof. You just need to fill in the type of roof you need installed and your zip code and the radius within which you want to locate a contractor.

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