How to Build and Pour Concrete Stairs



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    • avatar TheIrongutz 1

      Good work

      • avatar paulc1701 1

        Great job of fast forwarding the video and narrating. Many how-to videos it  seems the
        video goes on too long but this was great, a lot of information in not too long
        a time.

        • avatar Max Vina 1


          • avatar ceedaddy 1

            …looks like your tape measure has seen many battles…

            • avatar KeyserSoseRulz 1

              There is something really satisfying in watching professionals do their craft.

              • avatar daboys66 1

                What type of camera do you use for your projects..

                • avatar thaich33 1

                  Speed up to 1.5 for normal voice

                  • avatar ROBERT BUTLER 1

                    How about we chip in and buy this guy a new measuring tape.

                    • avatar Kalman Laslo 1

                      slow it down

                      • avatar joseph migliore 2

                        Nice work! Clean and thorough!

                        • avatar Sean Baker 1

                          looks darn good.

                          • avatar William Biggs 2

                            amazing result. well, I'm amazed! great work! subscribed!

                            • avatar jason 1

                              That was beautiful