How To Add Elegance To Any Decor With Custom Shelf Lighting

Shelf lighting should always create an evenly distributed field of illumination within the enclosed space. This illumination ideally should not spill out into the surrounding room, but rather present a self contained ambience that speaks of elegance and fine decor. Shelf lights need to conserve power and in certain cases minimize heat due to the necessity of leaving them on for extended periods of time.

Dimmable lights and low voltage systems help better control these variables. At the same time they must be bright enough to render colors accurately and balance the display being showcased with any necessary or desired lighting effects. Most importantly, shelf lighting achieves maximum aesthetic results when the equipment itself remains concealed. All the viewer will see is the contents under display highlighted by ambient combinations of luminosity and appropriate degrees of coloration.

Specialized strip lighting fixtures provide one of the best sources of shelf lighting and bookcase lighting by combining the technical and aesthetic qualities of exceptional display and showcase lighting. The technology exists for specifically engineered lighting systems for lighting shelves, rare books, and displays of collectibles. This type of strip lighting eliminates wires as conductors and instead uses existing metal shelf standards or concealed conductors to power small lamps embedded in the surface of the strip fixture itself. The low profile and strategic spacing between the lamps achieves the desired effects with impeccable lighting results.

Another very important effect this design creates is that of mystery, as the strip fixtures themselves are very thin and fit either horizontally or vertically directly onto the edge of the shelf itself. They actually blend into their surroundings and even under close inspection appear part of the design of the cabinet. As such, custom shelf lighting produces the optical effect of sourceless light that appears to radiate from within the enclosed space itself, as if coming from an extra dimensional source.

Custom fabricated fixtures can be exactly fitted to the precise dimensions of bookshelves, antique displays, and retail showcases. There are manufacturers who specialize in a different aspect of shelf lighting, display lighting, cabinet lighting, or cove lighting. One of the most popular concepts is the type which combines brass shelf supports with a totally hidden power conductors.

The type of lighting is a perfect blend for any ornately carved or fine finished surface where visible wires would detract from overall appearance of the piece. It produces illumination that appears to come from within the wood itself and is ideal for showcasing three dimensional art and collectibles as well as special edition books. Vertically mounted strip lighting offers similar effects from a behind the cabinet reveals and is often used in taller furniture pieces with minimized horizontal measurements.

Different types of festoon lamps are generally available for use in custom lighting strips. For specialty lighting in collectible displays and bookshelves, incandescent lights provide a very warm color temperature, but suffer from relatively short life. Slightly more intense, xenon lights produce warm light with excellent color rendering index and prove highly effective in showcasing ornate carvings and brightly painted surfaces. Life expectancy of Xenon lamps is considerably greater than incandescent. Both of these options offer dimmable lighting capability as well. State of the art LED festoon lamps offer the full range of benefits that the previous technologies offer along with the added benefits of exceptional power savings, greater variety in color temperature, and longer bulb life.

You may want to learn more about LED cabinet lighting and shelf lighting fixtures. Combine perfect fit with newer technology and put displays of all kinds in a whole new light.

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