How Fathers Must Rebut Feminist’s Family Court Tyranny And Its War On Fatherhood

You are at WAR. You are being exterminated. You're allowing the alienation of and damage to your children and the re-engineering of society into a malicious matriarchal form. You must stand up, publicize and overturn this tyranny against fathers. Here's how...

You can participate on many fronts against this tyranny, but in all cases you must be vocal, demonstrative, and relentless. You must shock the public into awareness of the tyranny and the only constitutional resolution of it - those constitutional demands you make.

*The strategy to follow :

Don't put up with the feminists' and family court's propaganda about your phony obligations. Stand up now and demand your constitutional rights - nonviolently. If that doesn't work, then you'll have to start a violent war. That's what freedom requires now and again as Thomas Jefferson said! *Right now your strategy has two concurrent parts:

First, get the true message about the unconstitutional denials out to the public. Talk only to the public - in terms of constitutional rights. Incidentally, the feminists will not argue with you about your rights since they look pathetic trying to defend their unconstitutional practices. They'd much rather argue those of you appeasing them with their constitutionally meaningless points and obligations. Stay out of the 'feminist word box'!

You must force everyone to address these arguments. Keep saying them again and again to everyone.

Then make it clear to fathers - and other men - to resist and not to comply with the family court's unconstitutional orders. Complete noncooperation is critical. Get ready to go to jail and bring this tyranny DOWN - and down NOW - not in 30 years! Noncompliance (not paying child extortion but demand to directly support your child) will produce the publicity - and that's where you put forth your 'constitutional message' (not the obscuring family court tyranny's laws and rule crap). Make the system concede to constitutional and equal rights for fathers - and that doesn't mean 'equal slaves - fathers and mothers- of the family court! Make no compromise about this! Ghandi was an example of noncompliance. But he also blamed the Indian people for letting the British extort and control them. You must stand up - alone if need be. Rosa Parks refused 'to comply' when she sat at the front of the bus alone and on her own. If father won't stand up in this WAR ON FATHERHOOD and make the sacrifices called for - as did our forefathers who fought to forge liberty in this land - then they deserve to be the slaves this system has made of them.

*Create an information explosion of Fathers' demands and the family court feminist tyranny:

The feminist-slanted media has assisted in the cover-up the anti-father tyranny that presently exists. We must bypass the media to create our own information broadcasts.

Fathers' media efforts should include concerted internet publications and video expose´s, posters, and bumper stickers alerting the public to the tyranny against fathers, families, and freedom. We must organize boycotts and demonstrations that bring attention to the tyrannizing elements at hand, and promulgate our demands as the only constitutional resolution of this war on fathers.

Samuel Adams (a leading spokesman instigating the American Revolution) stated, " does not require a majority to prevail, but rather and irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."

Join up as part of the tireless minority to rebel against this tyranny.

*Fathers Must 'Refuse To Comply' With This Tyranny:

Daily, fathers are unjustly deprived of their children, impoverished, enslaved, thrown in jail, and often required to flee the country for the want of the very principles for which this country was founded. This tyranny has been imposed on fathers. It is an undeclared war on fathers and fatherhood of a power usurping and feminist-affiliated elite.

Fathers must rise up and fight this war. This requires making sacrifices to accomplish our vindication. Freedom is only for those who will fight for it. He who will not fight for himself deserves neither freedom nor help from others. Fathers must become freedom fighters now and be willing to endure necessary sacrifices - as all who go to war do.

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