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Houston is expected to grow by 3 million people over the next 5 years. Many of these people are moving into higher paying jobs and neighborhoods that afford them the best in style, luxury, and spaciousness in home living. Houston home construction companies are building more custom homes than ever before. They are also realizing that working as a general contractor on many of these homes requires subcontracting certain specialty organizations that can add specific expertise to the finished project. Illuminations Lighting Design offers the Houston Home Construction company a subcontract resource in home wiring, home controls, and home lighting that is multi-dimensional and multi-specialized across the board. Working with ILD can make both the architect’s and the general contractor’s job much easier, because there are several things we can do under their invoice that can fulfill the most robust demands of the particular and eclectic Houston homeowner.

New Home Wiring

Houston home construction companies often require the services of a company with experience in advanced home wiring techniques. Custom homes tend to boast spacious floor plans and ornate interior designs. They also tend to be furnished with very expensive audio-visual equipment and the best name brand appliances. This equipment requires dedicated circuitry to power and protect it from power fluctuations and surges. Home theater and whole house audio, for instance, are rising in popularity and require both dedicated circuits and sophisticated controls be installed–preferably at the time of new home build out. Also, many residents choose to have Lutron lighting controls and home automation networks installed in their new home as it is built. Houston construction companies can contract our new home wiring and home automation team for any and all of these and other similar projects.

Back Up Power Systems

No matter how effective a new home wiring job is performed, we cannot control the municipal power grid or the vicissitudes of Texas weather. Houston home construction should safeguard electrical components and lighting equipment with backup power systems that can not only protect home equipment in the event of a power failure, but also maintain a level of functionality for residents within the dwelling. Whole house surge suppression is the homeowner’s first line of defense against power surges. It protects the circuit panel and the interior wiring from overload in the event of a power surge. If the entire neighborhood suffers a blackout, the home needs a second line of defense – the home electrical generator. We can install any number of generator types and sizes that can power a portion of a home or even the entire home itself for a reasonable period of time until inclement weather passes or the municipal power grid is restored.

Interior Lighting Design

Custom home owners invest in the very best floor plans to live the most eclectic and personalized lifestyles possible. The home is a retreat from the traffic jams and busy pace of Houston office life and therefore something of a sacred sanctuary to the Houstonian. Home construction companies may contract ILD to design and install house lighting systems that make both the exterior of the house and the interior of the living space shine with a special light that is unique to the tastes and lifestyle of the homeowner. Our access to specification grade fixtures of all types and styles, along with proprietary art lighting for paintings and display lighting fixtures, makes us a one-stop resource for any Houston home construction company called upon to develop a lighting design that creates a living experience within private, personal space.

Home System Integration

As the complexities of new home design increase, the many subsystems that make a house a home require both more advanced controls and more integrated functionality. For example, a whole house audio system requires a control network that will not only control the choice, distribution, and volume for the music, but also create complimentary lighting that reflects the mood and tempo of the selection. This is something of a technological integration of sensory experience that requires sophisticated lighting and home theater control systems to be installed and wired properly. Many homeowners prefer a minimum of automation for these controls, choosing to rely upon manual controls to choose their own system settings. Others request that their home construction company build their house with as much automation as possible. In either scenario, ILD home system integration experts can fulfill these requirements under the umbrella of the general contractor.

Landscape Lighting Design

The exterior of most custom homes is very ornate and often reminiscent of earlier historical periods and/or established architectural motifs. The property surrounding the home should reflect this uniqueness as much as possible, and it should also strive to unify architecture as much as possible with the geometry, balance, and aesthetics of Nature itself. Lighting is critical to creating this unity, as house lights and outdoor landscape lights can be balanced and timed in such a way as to create an outdoor living experience equivalent to that within the home. Houston home construction companies that are building new houses on large lots are encouraged to consider our landscape lighting services as a finishing touch to architecture, wiring, and home lighting customization.

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