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House plans are architectural drawings which give details of all the technical requirements and specifications that have to be followed when building a house. House plans are also called blue prints and are detailed and accurate drawings of different components of a house. The building contractor follows the house plans when he is building the house. Nowadays house plans are created using computer aided designing software and now we can have 3D house designs that can be created with this software. 3D house design is my specialty at Forsythe Technical Design & Consulting because we can see a condensed version of the house as it will look once it is built right in the planning stage.
House plans are complex documents that only people with technical knowledge of construction such as architects, civil engineers and civil contractors can read and understand. Many documents together make a house plan. The set of documents that are part of a house plan are as follows
The 3D house design or the 3D house plan gives the three dimensional view of the house and is an exact replica of how the house will look. It is made to scale and is considered to be a great hit among people who are getting a new house built.
At Forsythe Technical Design & Consulting I create very advanced 3D designs to show you to detail how your house will look. I also include trees and shrubs outside, lighting both inside and out so you can see what it will look like. I show you the shadows of the windows will make, the decks that can be attached, the garage view and many others.
I have taken 3D design and taken it to the next level and created all of my templates so I can create the ultimate in 3d house design for you. I have been enhancing how I do my 3D designs since I started my own business in 2009.
We are a computer aided drafting/design company that designs very specific and detail oriented construction drawings for homes, cottages, and light commercial buildings. We specialize in custom design tailored to the customer's needs. If you have a hand drawn sketch or book sample of what you would like your home/cottage/building to look like, give us a call or email. We look forward to meeting you and your unique design needs.

House plans is our specialty, we would like to 3d house design your next home or cottage designs, especially for you.


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