Hot Tubs Come In All Shapes and Sizes

When they first came to market hot tubs were pretty boring affairs compared to the hot tubs you can buy now. They were basically large barrels with a heating element, a pump and somewhere to sit for a few people. Over the years hot tubs have morphed into fantastic mini spas, which are available from small three person tubs to huge party tubs that can accommodate 10 or more people. You can heat hot tubs using electric, gas, wood or solar power. They come in a wide range of shapes and in a huge array of colours and finishes. You can locate them indoors or outdoors and choose from a wide range of jet configurations and strengths.

Luxury Hot Tubs

Luxury hot tubs come with built in surround sound stereos or CD players they have drinks holders and the most luxurious ones have built in LCD TVs. Luxury tubs have deep seating, so if you want to you can sit in the tub up to your neck. To add to the fun and relaxing mood you can buy luxury hot tubs with fountains and surround LED lighting.

If you enjoy a drink in your hot tub you can even buy a hot tub bar, so you have a range of cold drinks easily to hand.

Swim Hot Tubs

One of the most exciting advances in hot tub technology has been the ability to turn them into mini swimming pools. These are called swim hot tubs or hydro tubs and are 4.5 meter long tubs that have powerful speed variable jets which expel water at great force which you swim against. If you want to swim for exercise they are a viable alternative to conventional swimming pools and are so good that many professional athletes use them.

They are far easier to install than a permanent swimming pool and often cost less than having a pool built. Add to this the fact that should you move you can take your swim hot tub with you and you can see what good value for money they are.

Arctic Spas have been selling high quality hot tubs for over 15 years and have the experience to ensure that you find the right hot tub for you from their huge range.

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