Honey, I Shrunk the Garage!

A lot of us buy a home with a garage (or even two) looking forward to the additional joy of life these attachments will add. No more going out into the cold to start a car on a winter morning, no more worries about whether or not your vehicle will be broken into when it's parked in your driveway, and of course there is all the additional storage space your garage will bring.

All too often, though, home owners find that the third benefit of having a garage negates the other two. Do you return home after work and use your automatic garage door opener just as a way to get inside the house after you park in the driveway? Can you manage to fit that car inside your garage only by using a parking skill you wish you had had during your road test? Does your significant other complain about the labyrinth she must negotiate from car door to house door?

Believe it or not, you can reduce the clutter in your garage and restore it to its use as a place to park without holding a garage sale. All you have to do is rent out some space at a storage facility, and then figure out what you're going to keep there.

Of course for many people, that decision can be a tough one. Here are some items you can put into a storage unit to maximize the space available in your garage.

Sports Items

Are you a sporting family? Does your garage look a bit like the interior of a sports store, without the organization?

Wall to wall ski equipment, cleats, baseball mitts, bats, golf clubs, fishing gear, sleds, toboggans, snowboards, and dozens of different types of sports gear take up a lot of space in many American homes. Why not think about putting some of those items into storage when the season is over, rotating items as the year passes? Winter time means storing soccer and baseball equipment and fishing gear, and summer means moving skis and skates get their turn in the unit.

Seasonal Equipment

It's likely sports gear isn't the only seasonal equipment in your garage. Take a look around and make a careful inventory of the items you really only use during certain times of year. Lawn mowers can go next to golf clubs in the storage unit over the winter, a space eating riding mower can even keep your golf cart company. Sprinklers, hoses, and other landscaping equipment can also retire to the storage unit for the winter. During the summer, it's time to store snow shovels and the clothes which keep you warm during the cold months. A lot of us don't think about tires when we think seasonal equipment, but we should. Keep your summers out of the way and in storage during winter tire season, and switch them when the weather warms up.

Using a storage unit to protect your sports gear and seasonal equipment is a great way to shrink up the clutter in your garage. Take a look around yours and see what you can move to a storage facility today!

There are many uses for self storage units. Many of those uses are documented at Ray Self Storage. Author John Ramallo is a free lance writer that has been studying the self storage industry for years. He has written several articles on the best uses for climate controlled storage units. You will be surprised at some of the things he has found!


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