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When we talk about or think of the 2 words “Home Security”, the first thing that comes to mind would be to physically protect our home against unlawful or unauthorised intrusion by the installation of security access systems such as closed circuit television (CCTV), burglar alarms , motion detectors etc.
Such systems are meant to secure the premises against human intruders but these systems are often ineffective to guard against non-human intruders such as rodents like rats and mice or insects ants, termites and cockroaches etc.
Fortunately, there are also numerous systems which have been developed against these non-human intruders. In addition, there are also many established companies which specialise in the provision of such services to homeowners.
The control of such pests in our homes is important because not only are such pests being considered as a nuisance or annoyance, they might also potentially be carriers of diseases and pose all kinds of other health hazards to the inhabitants of the home.
There are 2 reasons why it can be complicated and problematic to safe-guard against such pests. First, there are numerous varieties and species of pests and each one requires a different strategy to defend against. Some examples of this wide variety include rodents such as rats and mice, birds, different species of flying insects like houseflies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, moths and even common household pets like dogs and cats which are have not be properly trained or domesticated and regarded as strays.
Secondly, since these pests are also continuously evolving, it is highly possible that the methods and approaches used earlier might actually prove inutile against later evolutions of the pests as these pests might somehow have learned to adapt against such measures or might either have become immune to or have developed a natural aversion to such traps.
This is the reason why in order to continue being effective and successful, a pest control company such as Pest 24 Seven (website: is continually updating its knowledge and resources in order to remain one step ahead of the problem.
In the provision of their services to the homeowner, which includes Pest Inspection Adelaide and Adelaide Building Inspections, a holistic strategy encompassing the integrated approach of Exclusion, Sanitation, Trapping and Baiting has been found to be the most flexible and hence the most effective. This utilizes the principles and concepts of preventing access, preventing breeding sites and supply of food and finally eradication.

Keeping your home pest free is the toughest task in these days. If you are suffering the same problems, then you get the effective services of Pest Inspection Adelaide at reasonable prices.

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