Home Management – Remodeling The Garage To A New Room

A garage that is attached to the house, remains to be the best option to create additional livable space. From the vantage point of home management, remodeling the garage unlike the basement where you will have to resolve first the usual issue of dampness, this area is a rather well kept and dry. The garage is right at your first elevation level, you are much more familiar and comfortable with it and the access is just right. Like the basement and the attic, there is almost no need of additional construction in terms of walls, flooring, and ceiling when remodeling the garage. If the need is simple, enhancement and improvement will do the trick and the return on investment in terms of additional square footage of livable space is great. Aside from all these, the garage is the only space in the house that you can remodel without disrupting the normal activity in the home.

In many areas, remodeling the garage may no longer need a building permit. If it does, the need for permit is basically only for proof of structural soundness, safety, and ventilation; here you will need a licensed practitioner. If permits are not needed, remodeling the garage could mostly be a do it yourself project. A point to remember is that the lower the budget for a project, the higher the labor cost is so remodeling the garage yourself is another cost effective way of adding space.

What you will have to consider when planning on the remodeling the garage are the things that you will be working with. This is where your budget is allocated. Below are some points to consider when engaging remodeling work yourself which will save you a lot of recovery work later.

* If you will need a building contractor, 80% of the budget goes to labour.
* The floor of most garages is made of plain concrete slab. You will need better flooring.
* The walls may need refurbishing. Depending on how the space is planned to be used, you will choose between sheetrock and insulated boards.
* Windows and ventilators
* Insulation
* Heating and cooling
* You may also need additional plumbing and electrical fixtures
* Repainting and cabinetry
* You may also want to change the ceiling. Again this will depend on how the space is to be used. You may choose a vaulted ceiling, a pitched ceiling, a tray ceiling, or an exposed beam ceiling.

For added savings, plan the remodeling of the garage so that there is no re routing of plumbing. Avoid also the construction of additional foundation and extending or the tearing down of walls.

Again while you could save a lot of money when you choose to do the remodeling although you may need professional help in some areas like electrical installation, plumbing, and some carpentry. No matter how one looks at it though, space commands a premium and remodeling the garage to gain additional square footage to the total space of the house will give much more benefit (that includes additional value of the house) compared with the cost of the investment.

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