Home Lighting – Things to Keep in Mind

Home lighting arrangements play an important role in home interior decoration. Even though windows in the direction where we get more sunlight illuminate the room much brighter than a lamp, without much expense in the daytime when the sky is not cloudy, the actual beauty of the house comes out at night when it is lightened up with artificial lighting. Previously incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lamps were used for lighting, but invention of CFL and LED lighting has changed the definition of the lighting from just an illumination to charm and style. Nowadays, we prefer on various types of artificial lighting to make rooms more attractive. Each room has its own purpose and each decor in the room has its own beauty, which can be adorned by choosing the correct lighting fixture. Thus, lighting arrangement for a home needs careful planning.

The area of the living room where sofa and tea table are placed can be made alluring by placing a recessed lighting, track lighting, or chandelier. Chandelier is an ornate lighting, which gives a royal look to the room, but only when the room is spacious. If the room is small and we are choosing an ornate version of chandelier, it will look odd. Recessed lighting and track lighting enhance the beauty of the specific decor.

Special care should be taken in planning bedroom lighting, so that it creates a relaxing and romantic environment in the bedroom. Bedrooms need bright lighting as well as dim lighting, bright lighting when we are awake and dim lighting during sleeping time. For bright lighting, we can choose between chandelier and flush mount light according to our taste and to have the dim light, wall lights and sconces are the best options. If you are having a habit of reading before sleeping, table lamps on an end table will give make the reading easier without disturbing others.

The best choice for dining room is usage of hanging lights, such as array of pendant light or mini-pendant light, over the dining table. They create a warm ambiance in the room. They can also be used in the kitchen area for general lighting purpose, whereas at the cooking area task lighting such as under-cabinet lighting can be used to make cooking a great experience.

Wall sconces are the most used lighting equipment for the bathrooms. If you are an art lover and want to enhance the beauty of the painting, picture lighting is what you are looking for. Last, but not the least, outdoor lighting can be used to illuminate one’s house and the surrounding landscape at night.

Usage of chandeliers, colorful silk lanterns, multi-color pendant lights, etc., increases both the ambiance and the aesthetic appearance of any room. The interior lighting arrangements reflect the personality and mood of the house owner, so always plan properly on lighting; after all, it is one’s personal touch that makes it unique.

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