Home Lighting Basics

Home lighting is one of the more important parts of your home decor. There are several issues to think of related to lighting your home. You have size, different models, and different lighting brands. There are many styles available also, like Victorian lamps, sconces, chandeliers, recessed lighting, floor lamps, hanging lamps, and track lighting.

Designing your lighting requires some pre-planning. Are you concerned with the look of only one room or the whole house? You might want to build a comprehensive lighting plan that involves a particular decor. Sometimes the kind of lamp you use, like a fancy beaded lamp, will be the focal point of the room.

Think about what look appeals to you the most. Decide if you want the lights dim or bright for example. Determine the use of each room and therefore the appropriate types of lighting. Coordinate with each room’s architecture.

There is much more to lighting your home that just general lighting – also known as ambient lighting. It is necessary to coordinate the ambient light with all other types of lighting. Let’s start by describing a few of the main types of lighting: ambient, accent, and task.

Task lighting allows you to focus on a particular task, such as sewing or reading. Some examples are table lamps such as reading lamps, track lighting, recessed lighting, or spot lighting. Accent lamps bring the attention to a particular object or area. Some examples are sconces, pendants, and even table lamps. Accent lighting is often used to focus on paintings or artwork. Ambient lighting is what most people would think of when lighting a large area for general lighting purposes. Some examples are hanging ceiling lamps, chandeliers, and pendants.

One idea for a room in your home is to using an eye-catching chandelier in area you dine in for ambient lighting, then use a sconce for accent lighting, and finally recessed lights for task lighting.

There are a couple more rules of thumb to follow. Decorative lighting is not to be used as the main light source. Additional sources of lighting, such as accent lighting, normally provide roughly three times the level provided by the ambient lights source.

This article is meant to be an introduction on home lighting and will hopefully provide some ideas to help you get started. You need to spend time researching all your ideas before purchasing anything. There are numerous resources available online and you can also check out some interior design magazines.

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