Home Inspections Can Save You Money And Stress

One of the most misunderstood parts of the home buying process is the inspection. For instance, buyers often mistakenly believe that if the home looks to be in good condition it doesn’t require an inspection. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, it is recommended by real estate professionals that every home be inspected whether it is brand-new or 50 years old.

Your best protection against buying a home that is substandard in any way is to have it inspected by a qualified home inspector. It can be difficult as you have probably falled in love with the house and are imagining how your children will look playing in the garden. You don’t want to think that there could possibly be anything wrong with your future home, but isn’t it better to know sooner rather than later that the roof will need replacing in a year or two.

Buying a house is expensive, but the home inspection is not the thing to do without in the hope of saving a few hundred dollars. A new roof will cost you somewhere in the region of $ 15,000 so it is worth spending a few hundred to check that you won’t be needing a new one any time soon. No matter how nice the home owner appears it is not good enough to just trust that they will even know about any problems their house has never mind telling you about them.

Home inspections can be an important part of the house buying process, Your agent should make sure that any offers are based on the results of the home inspection, you do not want to be locked into a purchase if the home inspection finds any problems that need addressing. Do not be shy about asking the home seller to fix any problems that are found in the home inspection, you don’t want to have to fix a plumbing issue the first weekend you are in your new home.

In some states, it makes sense to also have inspections for radon, mold and termites. You also want to make sure that the roof is thoroughly inspected as is the basement. You can also ask the seller to purchase a one-year home warranty that will cover the major components in the house for one year and is renewable if the buyer chooses to do so. These are usually less than $ 450 and are worth their weight in gold.

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