Home Improvements For Anyone, Anytime

Who doesn’t just love a home improvement project? Well, OK… Who doesn’t just love the results of a home improvement project? Admittedly not all of us are eager to pick up a hammer, cut wood, lay tiles, or even paint. But if we have neglected too many things for too long, there comes a time where we need to get involved in doing some home improvements if only to keep up the value our homes.

Have no fear! Before spending thousands at your local hardware and home design stores, it’s important to understand exactly what you’ll be undertaking. Doing too much at once can cause problems, and doing things in the wrong order will cost money and time, to say the least.

The most expensive room to do over is the kitchen. If this is your goal, but money is tight, you have some options that can save you a bundle and still give you a kitchen to be proud of. Rather than buying new cabinets, you can refinish and restain them (it’s really not that hard!), or simply paint over them. Since colors are so fashionable of late, this might even bring you a bigger return on investment when it comes time to sell.

If you want to add a little unique pizzazz to a color scheme, you could add a chair railing and paint different colors above and below. Or, you can add partial paneling. If these are just too difficult to figure out, do it the easy way and still get superb results: Place a wide strip of edging tape across the wall where you want to the colors to divide. Above gets one color, below gets another, and when you remove the tape you have the base color that will be resemble your chair rail. You can even texturize that strip to add more character.

Perhaps an all over pick me up is in order. New paint is sometimes all a room needs. Also try some custom fitted slip covers for the sofa, with matching area rugs. New shutters outside, at least on the front, can add some valuable curb appeal, along with new bushes.

One simple point that adds value to homes is to paint all the walls the same color if the house has an open floor plan. It’s easy on the eye and provides a feeling of more space rather than the choppy appearance of multiple blocks of color.

For something quick and simple and super cheap, buy some new area rugs for all the rooms and even for areas that didn’t have them before. Even some custom window treatments can make a big difference.

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