Hen House Plans – The Great Method To Build A Coop

Hen House Plans - The Great Method To Build A Coop
Hen house plans help you through the method of building a working chicken house. And this adds up to one thing, contented hens. And when you have contented hens you have lots of eggs!

So what does a chicken coop need? First it needs lots of daylight. You are going to want to build your chicken coop with this in mind. This will dictate where you place the house. You'll also have to be aware of where you place your windows. This has effects on both the structural integrity of your coop and the amount of light that's in a position to reach your nesting boxes. Remember, chickens like it to be a little darker when they lay their eggs.

You also have to make sure that you correctly ventilate your hen house. Correct hen house plans will show you how to this. If your coop is too drafty, your chickens will not be as snug as they might be. This will have an impact on both the quantity of eggs they lay and their well-being. Ventilation can be hard, because you need to keep it well ventilated but at the same time warm.

If you fail to ventilate enough, you could run into too much ammonia and carbon dioxide building up. Again, this is why investing in plans can be so profitable.

Structural integrity has another meaning, protection. There are lots of different predators that are ready to take a chicken or two off of your hands. That is why building a chicken coop means more than simply providing your birds with a home. It has to be ready to defend them also.

Let us take a look at some of the different threats to your chicken coop. First let us take a look at the animals that you might over look.

Your neighbor's dog or their pussy can be just as big a risk to the well-being of your feathered friends as wild predators. Keep this in mind if you are building a chicken coop in the town.

Other animals that will play a role in annoying your hens are foxes, coyotes and badgers. If you know you have got a hawk population in your neighborhood, you will also have to shield your chickens from them. This would mean placing a roof or fencing overboard of your run.

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