Heman Wood Allen House (c.1888)

Heman Wood Allen House (c.1888)
House Plans
288 Main Street, Burlington, Vermont USA • Heman Wood Allen, a prosperous Church Street dry goods merchant, had this dwelling constructed for himself at a cost to ,000. Allen commissioned his neighbor architect Alfred Benjamin Fisher to design a large Queen Anne / Richardson-Romanesque house to reflect his success and prosperity. Fisher devised a highly irregular plan and wall treatment to be executed in brick with a red mortar. … . *

☞ * For some dates & historical details, I am indebted to the Chittenden County Historical Society, and their fine, three volume set: Historic Guide to Burlington Neighborhoods: Vol. I, 1991; Vol. II, 1997; Vol. III, 2003. David J. Blow, author; Lillian Baker Carlisle, Editor; Sarah L. Dopp, photographs.

☞ This building is one of 63 contributing structures of the 470 acre Main Street - College Street Historic District, and has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places (#88001850), since October 13, 1988.

More Info: GeoHack: 44°28′44″N 73°12′22″W.

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