Heavy Construction Equipment

Easy Rack understands that customization is the key to safety, ergonomics, and success. Heavy construction equipment is used in so many different ways that the need to specialize and customize fork trucks, masonry tools, and skid-steers becomes readily apparent on an almost daily basis. Easy Rack heavy construction equipment and customization services are intended to make the tool you choose for the job the very best tool for that job.

Forklifts attachments are OSHA compliant heavy construction equipment that transforms forklifts into loading platforms. Standard safety platforms allow the forklift to reach over obstructions too high for scissor lifts and other heavy construction equipment. They provide much wider platforms than boom lifts and can be elevated more rapidly than scaffold.

Skid-steer products allow you to customize your loading into a specialized piece of heavy construction equipment. Scoop and mix concrete mixers allow you to scoop up sand and gravel in the bucket position, then rotate for in-place concrete mixing. Hoppers allow you to clear debris from construction sites and landscaping projects. Root grapples and grapple buckets allow landscaping crews to clear and prepare properties for a new look.

Easy Rack Masonry Equipment for Heavy Construction offers time and labor saving solutions to the builder. Mortar Buggies are an excellent way to move mortar into areas that cannot be accessed by forklifts. Brick Carts and Block Carts often save companies as much as 80% on labor cost to move brick and block. Nesting Forklift Mortar Tubs are easily to move, and they can be stacked stored with your forklift. In fact, all Easy Rack masonry heavy construction equipment combines rugged durability with portability and convenient storage. The Veneer Scaffold combines strength and light weight, is easy to set up, and requires no braces. Mortar Board and Plaster and Masonry Stands can be folded flat after used and stored easily.

Heavy Construction Equipment Forks
You can outfit your forklift or your skid-steer with many types of forks. Forks get damaged to the point that they need to be replaced. Easy Rack carries replacement forks in brick, block and general purpose styles. Each style is specially designed for the designated purposes. Over the bucket forks allow you to use your skid steer vehicle as a forklift. These are fully forged, one-piece forks, not the kind made of two pieces of steel welded together. Over the bucket forks allow you to use your skid steer vehicle as a forklift. These are fully forged, one-piece forks, not the kind made of two pieces of steel welded together. Another add on for your skid-steer is the fork frame attachment that features bright red fork tips clearly visible for safety reasons, and a heavy duty tapered backstop that keeps the forks from swinging when picking up very heavy or odd sized loads.

Heavy construction equipment often has to be moved by an individual worker. In order to make this as ergonomically compliant and safe as possible, special tow, load, and hauling tools are strongly recommended, especially when moving heavy construction equipment that is bulky or manufactured with disproportionate dimensions. Load and tows reduce customer wait time, cut labor cost by helping workers get the job done faster with little or no need for overtime, prevent back injury, and reduce damage to equipment. Ramps and steel loaded pins allow for easy and safe transportation via fork truck.

Easy Rack. For more information on Heavy Construction Equipment, or to get a Free Custom Quote based on your specific application, visit us online.


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