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Commercial construction involves concrete and steel, while residential construction has wood frames. There are a large number of code requirements in commercial buildings which involves accessibility for the handicapped, fire safety and egress requirements.

Commercial buildings are huge and the mechanical systems are more complicated so also the plumbing and electrical systems. Many of the commercial buildings need sprinklers and fire-proofing which is not needed in residential structures. Commercial structures have metal roofs, bitumen roofs and TPO roofs while residential houses have shingle roofs.

What makes Residential Construction Different from Commercial Construction

Residential construction is on a smaller scale while commercial constructions involve large scale projects. The workers in the commercial projects need to be skilled and experienced. The equipment needed in commercial building also requires a lot of finance. The contractors taking up residential work are small contractors having just hundreds of workers.

Commercial contractors have thousands of employees and may extend to different states. Before you hire any contractor to take up a job it is best to know his license status, so that you do not lend in trouble. Whenever you take up commercial projects in the cities there are protocols to be followed which cannot be overlooked or you might have to face penalties.

The Work Done by Commercial Builders

Commercial builders help in improving small buildings to shopping centers, hotels, resorts, airports, hospitals, office towers, restaurants, wineries and data centers for international, national and local clients. They believe in sustainable construction.

They help their clients to do better in their new and existing building facilities with the designs, approach to people and profit. They know to balance between design and the way the construction should be carried out to meet the client’s goals for sustainability. They try to use the natural resources like the sun to heat and cool the buildings.

They attend to all types of facilities like pharmaceutical and biotech, hotels, shopping centers, shops, production, transport and storage. They also handle carpentry work and take up concrete structures of all sizes.

Work carried out by Commercial and Residential Builders

There are many builders who take up the construction of new homes which are architecturally designed and renovating of old homes besides developing the environment around the building. They use concrete forms which are energy efficient in the construction which help to save around 70% energy compared to the traditional building material.

Whatever is the work that you like to do on your home whether it is refurbishment or construction the commercial builder will help you. They attend to all tasks whether it is putting up multi-story buildings or shopping center to alterations and renovations. These companies have been in the service for the last thirty years and have the experience to give you quality work.

They are also involved in public sector construction which includes institutions and schools, sport and culture, elderly care centers, hospitals and healthcare.. Refurbishment is also taken up by these builders whether it is a commercial building or an office or the expansion of a shopping center.

If you like to renovate your home or surroundings these builders will help you to get it done in the best possible way.

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