Guy on disability sees Antiques Roadshow highest appraisal episode & realizes he has that same item



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    • avatar Bird Plan 2

      I have no shame in saying I shed a tear @5:30 when I saw his face , he was blown away and couldn't believe his eyes. He seems like a good guy and very deserving of this break. In case you are wondering how Big LT got the blanket here is the story. The blanket came from his great great grandfather who was a Norwegian immigrant named John Chantland who was the owner of a dry goods store in Mayville, North Dakota. John Chantland traded goods for the blanket in 1870 and upon his death bequeathed it to his heir his great-great grandson big LT. So it had been in Big LT's family for over 150 years.

      • avatar Thorgious 2

        ya…..because you can't work without a foot…. that's what's wrong with america

        • avatar 01artist 1

          This was a great story and I wish more stories had this kind of ending.

          • avatar Miche Y 0

            Turn it around on him God

            • avatar George Anderson 1

              I honestly was in tears when I heard that he could get 100,000 to 200,000… I was weeping at the end when the closing bidding price was a nice 1.5 million… happy for this guy

              • avatar Pinheadjohnny 1

                I'm guessing the auction house got something like 30%, which would leave him with just over a Million still.  Good for him.!!

                • avatar Alison Mann 2

                  I am so happy for this man. I am an amputee, so I feel his pain. I am also Native American…..I just hope his family obtained this blanket honourably.

                  • avatar 1337fraggzb00N 1

                    Fuck yeah ♥

                    • avatar Rob Burig 1

                      Wow. Awesome for that guy no worries for a while.

                      • avatar Dragon43ish 1

                        …..sometimes in this world wonderful things…do happen…..

                        • avatar david Campbell 1

                          Fantastic you deserve it

                          • avatar Leon Verhulst 1

                            Have seen this a couple of times and it's such a great watch!

                            • avatar Tom Kalln 1

                              So happy for this man, God bless, enjoy your new home!!!

                              • avatar Breathe -RC 0

                                That got me completely! so nice to see good people finally getting the rewards they deserve in life .. Just hope my day comes soon lol :)

                                • avatar nick4819 2

                                  Holy..fucking…shit. Not gonna lie…it made a 28 year old man cry and it wasn't even my blanket. That would be absolutely mind blowing to go in there expecting 100,000 – 200,000 and within 60 seconds be a millionaire.

                                  • avatar MARKETMAN6789 1

                                    Great looks a good fella who deserves it

                                    • avatar IntimateGamer 1

                                      if we had a government that took care of our disabled and veterans the right way he could have kept the blanket. I am still very happy for him. rock on LT!

                                      • avatar Shannon Hughes 1

                                        I feel a little more happy today seeing this.

                                        • avatar Vulcan Viper 1

                                          $839??? I've heard of someone getting $1,200 per month, which makes me wonder what determines how much one gets.

                                          I understand the wish to change perspectives every so often, but don't you think you overdid it in this video?

                                          • avatar Proud Deplorable 1

                                            >sniff< 😭