Good Pool Builders Can Fit Big Dreams Into Small Backyards

Housing lot sizes certainly have changed in the last decade and in a lot of areas of the country. The backyards of the past with decent acreage and endless potential seem long gone. But the dream of having a swimming pool for family and friends to enjoy is still very much alive. Many people question as to whether they can even fit a pool in their yard and never call pool builders to see if it is possible. The fact is that most good pool builders not only can fit a swimming pool in your yard, but they can give you a variety of options and features to make it uniquely yours.

When you call pool builders in to bid on your project, make sure that they can show you examples of swimming pools in small lots. They should explain to you how certain shapes will maximize the area in your yard to get the most usable space for not only the pool, but for the surrounding outdoor living area. Many pool builders have drawing software that can show you what your pool will look like in a 3D design. They can take the measurements of your yard and place your house exactly where it is positioned in the yard. This will give you a great visual as to how much space you have to work with. These software programs can get very detailed.

If you have windows or a sliding glass door in the back of your house, it can show you the vantage point looking out at your swimming pool. You can also see what it will look like coming from around the side of the house, from above the pool, and even under the water. Pool builders that are also great designers will factor in the view from indoors looking out, especially with pools in small lots. Imagine walking past your living room window and seeing beautiful water features or fire pots lit up at night, accompanied by colored pool lights. It is a very dramatic effect since the pool is closer to the house.

From years of working with homeowners with small lots, the designers at Premier Pools and Spas, the number one ranked pool builders in the country, are highly skilled at maximizing a small backyard. Being custom pool builders, and by using the 3D software, they show their clients that they don't have to settle for a small rectangle or kidney shaped pool. A small pool can have all the bells and whistles that a larger one has.

Years ago, a large home builder asked Premier Pools to put pools in the backyards of their model homes. Being in a very hot area of the country, a swimming pool was almost a necessity for their potential buyers. They gave the Premier Pools' designer plot plans for the two larger lots but not the third smaller lot, thinking that a pool wouldn't fit. When the designer saw the lot, he came up with a great small pool plan with flowing water wok pots on back raised columns of the pool that can be seen through a big window in the family room. Needless to say, this home builder's community outsold the neighboring ones.

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