Going Green With Bathroom Remodeling

We understand the perception that many homeowners have regarding the fact that a bathroom remodeling Highland Park simply isn’t a ‘priority renovation’. There are reasons for remodeling something like a master bedroom or the kitchen either because you want to show them off or because you want to improve your quality of living while in those rooms. When you think of luxury lounging areas the bathroom isn’t exactly the image that conjures up in your mind.

The truth is there’s another very valid reason to undergo bathroom remodeling Highland Park. Forget the fact that the bathroom is the most used room in the house and that an outdated restroom sends a bad impression to your guests – the fixtures in your bathroom could be siphoning your money in lost utility bills. Not only does the bathroom use an incredulous amount of water but also electricity and serves as a source for heating and cooling loss as well. As it turns out, going green with an energy efficient bathroom remodeling Highland Park could pay itself off sooner rather than later, leaving you extra money to finally replace the 1976 wall tile in the room.

Low Flow…Everything

It may be astounding to think that 50-75% of the water used in a home comes from the bathroom kitchen, sink, and shower/tub. Something that’s even sadder to consider is that beyond all that water use is an excessive energy drain as the water heater struggles to provide a supply of warm water at your disposal. WaterSense faucets and shower heads should be a given at this point in the bathroom remodeling Highland Park game. Low flow toilets couldn’t hurt and it’s also worth looking into a tankless water heater. Stretching the boundaries a bit a reclaim unit for catching grey water to use it in watering your plants and garden or washing a car puts water use almost to a minimum.


A bathroom remodeling project such as installing a window provides many values such as providing natural light (no need for bulbs) but also creating ventilation so that mold and mildew doesn’t form. Installing layered LED lighting is also a great idea because it not only makes the bathroom more warm and inviting, it removes the need for bright (energy sucking) vanity lights when you’re trying to take a relaxing bath.


Not only do the windows allow light in, they also permit heat and A/C air out. When having bathroom remodeling Highland Park done make sure to replace any existing windows with energy efficient models. This not only helps reduce heat loss, it makes the bathroom more comfortable as putting your rear end on an icy toilet seat in the morning, although a great wake-up call, is unnecessary.

Heating Options

Many people use space heaters in their bathroom or crank up the heat before a morning shower just to avoid the bitter cold polar challenge when getting out of the shower. Unfortunately these both serve as a drain on your utility bills as they either use unnecessary energy or heat up unused portions of the house in the process. If you’re going to be doing a bathroom remodeling Highland Park and installing new floors anyway, perhaps it’s time to look at radiant floor heating. The process uses water tubes or electricity to warm the area underneath the entire floor (tile is the best conductor for the systems) and that heat rises through the whole bathroom. Stepping onto a warm, soothing bathroom on a cold Winter morning is one of life’s great pleasures – not to mention being more energy friendly than the alternatives.

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