Giving my 18 year old cat Garfield “elderly care”, so he doesn’t become a “Smelly Cat”

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       #1 Is Garfield still alive?
      No he is not guys.., this video was uploaded September 2013. It was made right before his last check up. The Vet told me it was time. I agreed, and so did my usband.(Thank God) I made an appointment for Garfield to pass at home with the
      vet. So about 3 days later she came by. He went out with a purrrrr petted by both me and my husband till his very last heartbeat.

      #2 What soap are you using? Regular unscented hand soap. Something known here in the Netherlands as "UniCura". It's old fashioned green soap I bet my great grandmother used washing the clothes with before there were washing machines.

      #3 Do you know soap is bad when they lick it off? Yes I know, the "licking"  part is called "Grooming". Garfield completely stopped grooming.

      #4 Why are you cleaning his butt first and use the same cloth?
      Actually this is just a quick instruction video on what I did for Garfield. I didn't really clean his butt, neither was there poop at the time in his basket. If you watch carefully when I " clean his but"  there is no poop stain on the cloth, also just to be on the save side I do clean the rag again 3 minutes in the video (in case your attention span didn't make it that far) just
      to be on the save side. I mean from that angle I can't even see what's going on behind there… :-)

      #5 Why am I getting this in my feed, I don't even like cats?
      Can't tell, if you are a Christian, ask God, if you are not… ask YouTube :-)

      #6 Why am I crying (I don't even like cats)?
      Probably cause you were feeling the love and my pain as I knew I wouldn't have him much longer, you are still human although you might not like cats. :-)

      #7 How come this video is now going viral since it's more than 3.5 years old?
      I don't know, again you would have to ask God, I think he would probably say "Cause now you can handle the thumbs downs and nasty remarks without breaking out in tears"  :-)And if you would ask YouTube the answer would probably be "Someone posted it on Reddit and it skyrocketed from there".#8 Could Garfield still walk?Yes he could if he couldn't he would have been put to sleep already. Compare your pet to a human, would you like to be bedridden? I wouldn't want to be… But as long as I can still get around I would like another day filled with love on this earth if possible. #8 Could he still walk around?Yes he could. If not he would have already been put to sleep. I wouldn't want to live out my days being bedridden, so I wouldn't let it happen to him.  

       #8 Can you tell me more about Garfield?
      Yes I can, he walked in when he was about 6 years old (vet had to estimate) I had to put my previous cat to sleep about 3 months earlier due to having cancer. :-( She was only 8. In the old days her and me would lay on the couch to watch
      television and Garfield would be sitting on my shed looking in the window as if he was thinking "Wish that was me there all snuggled up to that human"  :-)About 3 months after Quincy (my previous cat) passed he walked in. I just didn't have it in me to remove Quincy's scratch pole. So he climbed up and went to sleep on it. After he was done sleeping he would leave
      again. He continued this ritual for about 3 days, sleep at our home and go home afterwards. After about 3 days he decided to stay the night with us. After 3 days of him staying with us I went to the neighbor and told her Garfield was with us. She didn't mind. She said she found him hidden in the shed so she took him in and since she already had 2 cats, 3 dogs, 2 kids and her and hubby she didn't mind at all. She did mention he didn't do his no 1 and 2 on the litter. Yeah I noticed so after the first day I went to the pet store and got 2 sprays. One that said " don't here"  the other sprayed in the litter box as saying " do it here"  :-) Instant fix btw. As we were talking Garfield came outside to see what was going on, as she bend over to give him a pet he ran off back in to the house… Neighbor was a little offended, she said he acted like he was abused… LOL I thought it was hilarious. Cat obviously was afraid she might take him back with her again. He got better again with her later on when he knew he didn't have to worry :-) Now however we had a mystery on our hands… where did Garfield come from, what was his real name? We wouldn't find out until he was at least 13. I went to visit my best friend and I got to talking to her mom. Turned out when she went on vacation she brought her two cats over to be baby sited by the one who was house sitting for my friend. One escaped. Although there was a long search for him he never did get
      found. She mentioned it was an orange cat that did his business all over the house. Guess who? :-) So I went to go get him and showed him to her, and she said Yup that's him :-) Well needles to say I could tell her he's having a great live at our place and he passed with all the love we had to give them.

      #9 To the remarks I have been reading about people thinking the will go insane when they loose their cats: Trust me, when it's time you will be at peace with it way more than you think you will be now. Why? I lost two pets pre-mature, it was so very painful I don't even want to think about it. But with Garfield there was peace in my heart. yes it was hard, but him having had long life it was much easier as a sudden passing. On top of that, about 2 days after he passed. …No wait let me start at the beginning with that. Garfield was a naughty cat, he would always, and I mean ALWAYS jump on the kitchen counter. I really didn't like him doing that so I always shoed him off at least a gazillion times. After a while he caught on so I could hear, as I walked downstairs, a " thumb"  of him jumping down the counter. I must have heard
      it another gazillion times. I got this innocent face every time of course as her pretended it wasn't him I heard. So about 3 days after he passed I walked down the stairs still only half awake and I heard this very familiar " thumb"  as I heard so many times before. And it took me about 3 seconds to remember he wasn't there anymore… Or was he? Several incidents have happened to let me know he was still around. Garfield laid in his basket across the fridge. I could always see his reflection in it when I opened the door. After he passed about a week later I actually saw his reflection in his basket. I looked over my shoulder expecting to see him in his chair…, of course he wasn't there…  Just saying, might be mind tricks, might be he was still there, but I don't care, those moments made me smile and helped with the grief. So if anything like that ever happened to you, nope you are not crazy… :-)

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        • avatar Valence Boekelman 1

          Thanks for this video, mij 20 year old cat loves you for it👍

          • avatar Hayley Bueckert 1

            This is such a heart warming video, glad to see you stuck by him for so many years. He was truly lucky to have his life spent with you.

            • avatar Tarapeno Rockyandjack 0

              what a lucky cat to have you, bless you…

              • avatar Melanie L 1

                I'm crying…

                • avatar MiuNya 1

                  I try not to think about when my 15 yr old cat passed away because it was the saddest moment in my whole life and when I think of it I burst into tears uncontrollably… like right now I ws just reminded of Candy and her passing due to old age and liver problems and I just was so upset and I didn't stay up with her because I could not face her dying in my arms and she passed away on the mat in the hall and I woke up to my mom telling me this and I couldn't even look at her body I was so distraught… I in a way regret not staying up but know I'd be traumatised even more if I did… rip candy you were my beloved family and I miss you so much. wipes tears

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                    You have a beautiful heart, I am crying, he is so sweet. I'm glad you gave him the best life :')

                    • avatar Jets Alexandrius 1

                      this video made me so happy ♡ Garfield is really cute

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                        Awww RIP baby!!! You were such a good kitty 😻

                        • avatar Melinda Gandy 1

                          You're a WONDERFUL cat mommy!!! 😊 That kitty was very lucky to have you.

                          • avatar Walnut500 1

                            One of my females is 12 years old, She'll soon enough enter this old age stage, I'm glad I found your video. Thank you for making it.

                            • avatar Nope Bye 1

                              Sweet cat sweet human. This makes me sleepy. ASMR, lol

                              • avatar Debra Gilmer 0

                                Thank you for this. My 17 year old cat loves it. It makes me happy to have one more thing to make him comfortable.

                                • avatar Ceremco 1

                                  I don't have a cat or had any pets. And I feel touched by this, it's such a lovely thing to do. Almost crying over here. ='}

                                  • avatar Julie Spencer 1

                                    Very sweet and kind. Exactly how we should treat our fur babies as they age.