Get A Job In The UK’s Biggest Industry With A Construction Apprenticeship

Construction is an industry worth billions of pounds every year and has many sites available for you to work on, across the UK and internationally! A large proportion of the biggest construction firms operate on a global basis, thus starting an apprenticeship in construction doesn't restrict you to working in one country. The skills you will be taught are transferable to any part of the world that you wish to work in.

The make up of the construction industry is highly varied, so there are lots of diverse apprenticeships available, with many jobs to select from. Some of these are: Plasterer, joiner, bricklayer, roofer, civil engineering technician, and a whole host more!

An apprenticeship in construction does not necessarily have to include the physical elements of the job - if you are highly organised, then you can take part in ensuring projects are running correctly, to the time allowed and within budget. You may also aid a civil engineer or a decorator with planning their designs.

Whilst on your apprenticeship, you could be working on developing anything- whether it be a new national monument, or building a brand new housing estate. Either way, no matter what occupation you start in, if you adapt to the new skills you have learnt well enough, there's plenty of opportunity to progress. Once completing the apprenticeship you can expect a starting salary of between 17k-20k; there is plenty of earning potential- you just need to put the work in.

To get the most possible out of a construction apprenticeship and for you to grow in this field, it is expected that you are physically fit, as there is a good chance that there will be a lot of climbing and carrying involved. If you are scared of heights, then this will not benefit you, as you could be told to venture to the top of a scaffold to asses how the work is going- even if you are only the designer! Some dangerous work may be involved on a construction site, so you must be paying attention all the time, understand and conform to all health and safety regulations and rules and perform instructions actively, both written and verbal. Construction more often than not requires you to work with other people, so working in a team is an important part of the job.

Construction is a profession which can be highly rewarding, and this is why one in 14 of the UK's workforce is employed in construction at the current time; as long as there is a growing population, there is going to be a need for buildings and developments. If this sounds like the career path for you, then take a look at the latest opportunities available with helps young adults with their career by showing jobs and training that exist outside of university. There are a number of construction opportunities and apprenticeships currently available as well as free career guides and over 300 videos on distance learning, foundation degrees, gap years, voluntary work and advice on getting a sponsored degree.


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